Yes people! For the first time ever, we're giving something away!

But I won't tell you what that something is, you'll have to guess. I'll give you guys some clues about the mystery giveaway and you send in your answers along with a few stuff. Got it? Got it.

The Clues:
1. It's related to the current special, so they're a boyband.
2. It's a current single, but which one?
3. Their new album comes out sometime in the first quarter of the year, so that narrows it down a bit.
4. They're not from Asia.
5. I've professed my love for them a few times already.
6. They weren't on my 'Best of 2008' list, but they should have been!
7. I've never posted any of their videos.

Think you know the answer? here's how to enter.

1. You have to be a US resident(I think that's another clue!), because you'll have to e-mail your US mailing address along with your name and of course, the answer to
2. There will be five copies given away, so only the first five correct answers will get the single in question!

haha. Get thinking and sending people! The contest closes once I publish my last boyband-related post, so you never know when that is! haha.


Want to share any of your thoughts on the above post? Drop a comment here! I read all comments and reply occasionally, especially if you have specific questions for me. :D

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