Amy Diamond - Thank You

So I better start 2009 amazingly and get my first review of the year right so I won't quit or anything(haha..). I cannot believe I didn't discover this song earlier, it so would've been on my countdown! Garrr, me and my ignorance.

I don't know that much about Amy Diamond apart from maybe a few well-known facts. She had a really, really great debut, the single went to number one in Sweden and Norway, she was twelve! Heck she even beat JoJo! Then she had a string of singles, all inside the top 25.

I'd heard of her from various music blogs but she first really, really came to my attention when Miranda Cosgrove murdered and sanitized Stay My Baby for the iCarly soundtrack. I absolutely adored her version so I got my hands on her album pronto and I love it! It's one of those albums that'll forever be in my music library no matter what! haha.

So from what I've heard and read, Thank You was Amy's entry to the Swedish Melodifestivalen, the contest to chose Sweden's entry to the Eurovision(which I think has become a joke now for some countries. As much as I adore Ireland for giving us Westlife, the minute you send a turkey to the contest, that's too much.) and quite a few pop stars have joined(that's what I hear..) so yeah. I like the song, it's very Stay My Baby-ish but not.

Something in this song reminds me of Stay My Baby, but it sounds a lot more mature.

The start sounds a lot like a Britney song(I think it's Toxic but I'm not very sure..) but then it turns into this Swedish pop confection that's so easy to get addicted to. Seriously! From the verse on, the whole song turns into this pop masterpiece, something Agnes Carlsson would put on an album, I can really imagine her singing this song.

I love the breakdown of the chorus right after the middle eight. Well, I always love those parts. Seriously, I love it when Westlife did it, I though it was genius when Danny did it and seriously, it works for me.

I'm curious though, where's her music going and when in the world are we getting another album? I'm waiiiiiiiting!

Rating: 5/5! I've been giving away too many perfect scores lately. I wonder why.


  1. if her sound sounds anything like britneys i'm sooooooooooooooooooo checking it out

  2. Musically or appearance-wise? If you mean appearance-wise, yeah, she does remind me of JoJo..

  3. I was thinking musically, because of that fresh, "poppy" vibe she has to her voice, she's awesome!

  4. I know! she's so awesome! haha.

  5. I love this track. It reminds me of something else...not sure what.


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