1999 in boybands

1999 as we all know was truly an amazing year for pop music in general, but what was happening in boyband land at the time?

......Another Level scored their second-highest charting UK single, I Want You For Myself which came in at number two in January.

......Ultra release their highest-charting single, Rescue Me. It peaked at number eight in the UK.

......Northern Line release their first single in October and it charts at number 18 in the UK.

......5ive scored their first ever UK number one single with Keep On Movin' in October.

......Irish band MyTown, who lost out on Smash Hits Best New Tour Act award the previous year release their debut album.

......In May, the Backstreet Boys released Millennium, their first ever number one album.

......911 release A Little Bit More and it remains their only UK number one single. They released a further two singles before disbanding.

......LFO release their self-titled debut album. It hits number 21 on the US charts and is certified platinum.

......A1 released their first album, Here We Come. It charted at number twenty on the UK album charts.

......Boyz II Men record a track for The Prince Of Egypt called I Will Get There. It peaks at 32 on the US singles chart.

......Dream Street and Natural are formed. Two years later Dream Street release their first album and Natural release their first single.

......Boyzone release three singles and claimed the top spot with two of those three singles.

......NSYNC's collaboration with Gloria Estefan, The Music Of My Heart gives the band Grammy, Academy Award and Billboard Award nominations.

......In addition to already having a top two album and three UK number ones with Swear It Again, If I Let You Go and the epic Flying Without Wings, Westlife's I Have A Dream/Seasons in the Sun is crowned Christmas Number One and is the last number one single of the 1900's.


  1. Ahh, '99. That was a good year.
    I have so many memories with so many of the bands you listed. Sigh. Boy bands are good stuff. I'm so enjoying this special. :D

  2. I know!

    Glad to know you're enjoying it, I'm having a blast just looking for the boybands myself! haha, I even found heaps more in the process..


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