Ranting time..

OK, so let me rant a bit, I feel like complaining but remember once again, this is my blog and I put my opinions in my blog. You don't like it, stop reading. Simple.

I saw a live performance of Corbin's song for some soundtrack up on YouTube and it was the full song so I watched it, seeing that I absolutely adored the clip of the song. The verse was OK, sounded live but then it got to the chorus and I was like, "He can't sing live!" seriously. I had to stop by the time the chorus hit.

It's not the slight off sound, that's forgivable(kinda like Mark - Westlife when he sings live..) but he sounded so off(sintonado in Filipino) that it hurt to watch it. He was so out of breath, I know he was dancing and all but he couldn't hit the notes in the chorus.

That's unforgivable for me, artists must be able to sing live because if they can't, then they can't sing at all.

People can say all they want that Westlife or boybands in general suck that they're bland and all but at the end of the day, they can at least hit notes and do justice to their songs live. You look the the big boybands, NSYNC, BSB, Westlife, they all started out as vocal harmony groups doing three to five part harmonies before being transformed into pop robots and even after they got signed, they did their a capella work and it was good. They sang together and apart and each voice contributed something, everyone could sing.

Shame though, I absolutely love the recorded clip(haven't heard the whole thing yet..). If this guy has to depend on studio effects and tricks to be able to have a career, then I won't support him, no matter how much the songs rock and all.

Believe me, I love the songs.

I like the guy, I like his songs, I bought his first album but I'd never seen him live. If this is how he is live, I'm scared for him.


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