ALL the songs featured during the K-Pop Special

Well, almost.

For sampling purposes and so you guys can hear the songs in HQ to really find out what you like and what you don't, I've put all the individual songs featured during the special and two tracks from all the albums featured - the lead single and my favorite non-single track into two handy .zip files! Hahah.

Below is the COMPLETE list of all the K-pop special posts with links to the respective pages so you can look back at the 20+ Kpop special posts (the songs with Korean titles/artists with Korean names have the characters in a parenthesis so when you download the file you know which is which). The post titles with * mean that I don't have that song and it wasn't included in the .zip file. The download links are at the end of the post. Enjoy!


(Rainism to Miracle)
(Noona Is So Pretty Remix to Four Chance)

Watch out for the last post of the K-pop special TOMORROW.


  1. Downloading the first part now...

  2. Liking Rain and Boa so far. i'm so diverse.

  3. Mel - Yay! hahah.

    Paul - RAIN. Haha - I love them all!


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