This is exactly why Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell are saints when it comes to boybands.

They know how to successfully launch a boyband. Whether it be ballad-based Westlife or younger, hipper JLS - if you put Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell together on a project like this they will sell millions.
Everybody knows pop music is about selling to every person in the entire world and although I'm against making music just for the sake of money, if you do it the right way and I fall for the formula - things will work out pretty well.

These two know what kind of music video to make for a debut single - something centered on the band. No sub-plots, actors or even that many special effects, the band should be at the center of everything the video stands for. It's been done for Westlife, Blue and countless other boybands - heck, even NLT's video was remotely like that. The video for the debut single will sell not only the single but the band and provide an introduction.

As I always say, if you're gonna debut a new boyband during times like this you better do it extremely well. By now we've pretty much seen it all when it comes to boybands so either they do it right using the existing formula or completely blow us out of the water with something unheard of. Although the former seems to be a more popular option - there's not much that can surprise us anymore.

I now know why 2009 will be an amazing year amidst Leon Jackson and Same Difference being dropped, NLT splitting up and Nielson Soundscan closing down. It kinda feels like 1999. Of course I wasn't aware of how 1999 felt music-wise but look - the US has V Factory with Love Struck and now the UK has JLS with Beat Again. Anyone sense BSB/NSYNC vs. Boyzone/Westlife? Although JLS do remind me a lot more of Blue V2 - am I right? I hope I am.

A re-rating of the song now that the video's out? 5/5 - for being a damn good debut single.


  1. what!! best boyband video in years! Love love love. Amazing.

  2. it's entirely genius actually. the bow tie. the dancing. MARVIN!

  3. I knowwww! They're gearing up for one amazing career by the looks of it. Genius.


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