I interrupt the special(again) for something BIG.

For me they're not just album clips of an artist I like, they're album clips from the artist who fueled my love for pop music - the first pop album I ever bought was hers. Hearing clips of an album that I've been waiting for since The High Road was released(three years ago) made me tear up a bit.

Because the wait was worth it. JoJo might have said herself on her MySpace that the clips may or may not be on the album but anything is something after 3 years.

Over the years I've gotten addicted to many other artists who've been more productive than JoJo but she's instrumental in my love for music, sooner or later I would've gone back to being the JoJo fangirl I once was. I think that's now.

She's grown an awful lot, Touchdown sounds like an even more serious and more R&B-based The Way You Do Me mixed with This Time. I wasn't surprised to hear something like that though - it had to happen sometime because she's not that fourteen year-old who first burst onto the charts, she's turning nineteen this year.

The song that made me tear up a bit though was Fearless. No, it's not the Taylor Swift song - it's an R&B/Pop mid-tempo gearing more towards the R&B side. Although I do think that Underneath is a better song over-all. Same thing - it's an R&B/pop mid-tempo but with less of the pop. Think Coming for You mixed with say, a bit of Battlefield.


  1. I'm sooo glad you posted this. I didn't think I was gonna get the chance to discuss this with anyone. thank god for pop reviews now, huh?

    "Underneath," and "Fearless" made my heart melt! Their such good songs, I'll be disappointed if they don't end up on the album. Speaking of the album? why is it taking so long? "The High Road" was just brilliance on a cd.

  2. Hey hun - i LOVEEEE your new layout. Very professional and clean. :) But those clips were confirmed by JoJo herself to be demos that will not be used, unfortunately. She doesn't know how they got out to the public and is kind of upset about it. But I agree with you -- after three years, I want to hear SOMETHING.

  3. J Mensah - I KNOW! Well even if I do think three years is way too long between albums, I sure hope all the waiting isn't going to become a waste - she better give us an album worth dying for.

    Mel - Thank BeE for the layout - it's all her! Yeah, I saw what she wrote on myspace, shame really because I'd love to hear 'Underneath' and 'Fearless' in full.


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