Super Junior - Miracle

Sorry for the abundance of boybands but I haven't discovered this many since I did the special! It's astonishing how these South Koreans just make the Americans look lazy.
Super Junior are the male counterpart of Girls' Generation and as I've said many times, they're the world's biggest boyband. They were patterned after a Japanese girl group by the name of Morning Musume - the members were supposed to change every few years but I don't think that happened. From what I know the guys who were there when the group debuted are still there, they just added a few guys.

For some reason this song sounds very Japanese to me. I don't know if it's the instrumentation or the melody itself but I think a boyband like Exile(who I kinda like for making the video linked and have a heck of a lot of members as well..) wouldn't have a hard time slipping this into an album or a single. What I do love about this song is that even if the melody has the possibility of sounding really sharp on the ear, it doesn't. The higher parts during the chorus are surprisingly light - it has to be their voices that do it.

The verses, oh dear, the verses. I could spend months just talking about how brilliantly beautiful and 'we've made it this far - we're not giving up'-ish they are but I'll keep it short. Wait, I just said what I liked about it, dammit. So there, it definitely sounds like something a band would release on their fifth anniversary or something(this was the last single off their first album, makes a little sense..) and you know I have a soft spot for songs like that. But it's genuinely a great song with an absolutely to die for melody.

And the music video just does wonders to the song, the good cinematography and the dancing make everything fall into place for this song. Absolutely fantastic.



  1. well hurrah for boybands being alive and well in the land of K-pop! now if only JLS and VFactory became massive on their respective sides of the atlantic and i'd be proper happy!


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