Rain - It's Raining

I'd have to admit, this wasn't one of my favorites when I first got hooked - I saw nothing special in it but for some strange reason I suddenly had the urge to listen to it a few days ago. Needless to say, I dug up the video and probably every existing performance on YouTube and I'm hooked, big time.
It's Raining was the song that changed everything for him, it was the song he used to take Asia by storm. Rain needed something like this to break him out of Korea and into Asia because frankly, being famous in Korea only was getting a little too cramp for him. This song took him into a new but inevitable direction - he had to make a song like this to tell everyone he wasn't just another singer/dancer but a performer and someone who could make music far longer than a lot of other acts.

The song isn't the absolute best in the whole wide world but it's infectious and the loop behind the melody is extremely catchy - you'll be humming the whole song by the end of it all. This is what 'world domination' singles should sound like, unafraid to try something new and sure of themselves. The industry needs more songs like this - songs that you don't know whether they're pop or R&B or hip hop but don't care because you're hooked from the very beginning.

As much as I don't like JYP for what he did to the Wonder Girls, what he did for Rain is beyond my imagination - how someone could keep on making songs that surprise us for over five years is unimaginable. So I kinda like the guy more now.



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