Big Bang and 2NE1 - Lollipop

Big Bang are the rapping boyband in Korea - they live for it but apparently a lot of people are also really attracted to the genre. Hm. 2NE1 are the female version of Big Bang and the biggest new girl group in Korea, why not just advertise it to the whole effin' universe by making a video with the two? Genius, YG Entertainment.
The song is everything I hate - repetitive to the point of negative annoyance, way too much rap and excessive processing but a few things about Lollipop make listening that much bearable. It sounds really Korean, to start - they've subconsciously created something I can clearly equate to Kpop.

The first thing that makes this song bearable is the fact that one of the girls from 2NE1 has a gorgeous voice for someone in a girl group - take that Hyoyeon of SNSD(she's the one who dances..)! She really gives the song and the band another dimension - she sings lead during the chorus. Here's a live performance of a Big Bang song and I'm pretty sure there's no processing here - it's on a radio show! The girl I'm talking about is on the far left and is the first one who actually sings.
Believe it or not, when the guys from Big Bang actually sing notes they get some of the most brilliant melodies. If they rapped a lot less and added verses with actual melodies they'd probably be one of my favorite boybands - there are some songs on their album with minimal rap and they're divine. Seriously, it's such a relief to only have one line of rapping on a Big Bang song. And may I say that Daesung(guy in the neon orange vest top who sings the last line of the middle 8 of Lollipop) has an amazing voice.

Same goes for this song - the middle 8 is probably the best I've heard on a song with rap.

Moving on. While reading up on Big Bang history and getting familiar with the members, I came across something so brilliantly amazing that I can't keep it unwritten and un-raved about. BIG BANG WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS. Never in the few weeks that I've been endlessly YT-hopping have I seen a boyband/girl group who write their own songs. I guess I just found it. And the fans seem to really like the songs I assume - why are they so big in Korea? That's another thing these American and British record companies should learn from the Koreans - LET BOYBANDS WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS. Is that so hard to do? NO! Because if it was, why can Big Bang do it and still be so effin' famous? Heck, even Lee Hyori adores the guys(random, much?).

I don't know if they wrote this song but heck, if they write even 40% of their material I'm happy - things like this don't happen everyday.

4/5. The rap still weighed everything down I'm afraid.

Note for my friend(Aljibe, ikaw kausap ko - alam kong binabasa mo 'to.) who I told that it's just a matter of time before I got into 2NE1 - Ayan ha, adik na yung kausap mo nung Friday. I publicly admitted to all my friends and readers that I think super ganda ng boses ni Park Bom. Masaya ka na? Sabihin mo na rin kay Pauline - maloloka yung babae.

Sorry about that, I just HAD to put that it.


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  2. Ahahaha! Park Bom is UH-MAZING! Pinost ko na ata yun sa multiply e.. haha!!

    note: pansinin mo yung mukha niya sa video ng big bang (featuring her).. iba sa mukha niya ngayon.. hmmm.

    --and hellooooo?!! you don't have to admit it. HALATANG HALATA NA KAYA! Gaga.. :))

    *btw, thanks sa cd! ;D

  3. "The first thing that makes this song bearable is the fact that one of the girls from 2NE1 has a gorgeous voice for someone in a girl group - take that Hyoyeon of SNSD(she's the one who dances..)!"

    ...exCUSE me? This is needlessly petty and rude.


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