The verdict on Mitchel Musso is..

Not good. Not good at all.

Well, not good enough for me to write a full-length review on.

The only non-single and new tracks worth listening to are Get Out, Movin' In and Stuck On You but even those don't make as much impact as Hey does.

The rest of the album is confused, generic and unentertaining. Heck, there are songs that sound exactly like each other but like I was telling my friend over the phone this morning, it's better than the Eoghan Quigg album.

But isn't anything better than that?

Disney got this guy completely and utterly wrong - Speed Dial was promising and Hey was brilliant but the album he delivered was sub-par. Not good enough to pass my standards, I'm afraid. A complete and utter waste - they guy had talent.

Hey still stands as one of the most brilliant Disney songs this year.
2.3/5 (the only thing bringing this rating up is the fact that Hey and Speed Dial are brilliant.)


  1. I've yet to hear anything by him so I'm trying to remain optimistic's really that bad? I wasn't expecting it to be amazing, but I thought it'd be okay in a guilty pleasure way. Too bad.


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