The top 15 is back, as a top 20!

Yes people, I'm bringing the charts back - mainly because I think we all need a slight break from the Kpop special, me included. There will be no KPOP Special-related post for today. Instead, the songs from the special that made it onto this new Top 20 will be linked to their respective reviews - some sort of a recap of songs so far. 

The new top 20 will be posted every Wednesday or Monday(here, duh.), depending on when I have the time and how many songs I've gotten addicted to over the week. As it was before, it's based on my personal favorites for the week - not how many times I've played it, not based on sales figures and stuff like that.

In line with the current special, Korean songs have links to my reviews.

My Top 20 from June 1, 2009 - June 8, 2009:

20. Industry - My Baby's Waiting
19. The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
18. 2PM - Again and Again
17. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry (the link is to the video, tell me if you want it reviewed)
16. Yohanna - Is It True?
15. Kevin Borg - Street Lights
14. Pixie Lott - Without You
13. Backstreet Boys with Pitbull - Helpless
12. Se7en with Lil Kim - Girls (KPOP Special - coming soon!)
11. Mitchel Musso - Hey
10. Alesha Dixon - Let's Get Excited
9. Elliott Yamin - Don't Be Afraid
8. Super Junior - Miracle (KPOP Special - coming soon!)
7. Agnes Carlsson - Release Me
6. SNSD - Gee
5. DBSK - Mirotic
Esmee Denters - Bigger Than the World
3. SHINee - Noona is So Pretty (Replay)
2. The Saturdays - Work
1. JLS - Beat Again (1 Week)


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