SeeYa - Hot Girl

One thing you should know about this song before anything else - IT DOESN'T HAVE A RAP PART! Finally. That's one amazingly good thing about this song.
For some strange reason the three girls in a girl group singing fun, perky uptempo songs thing reminds me a lot of a certain band we call Atomic Kitten(In particular, Right Now). Heck, one of the girls even reminds me a bit of Tash(the one who sings first? kinda...)! Whatever. Moving on.

I'm against processing but like I said - if it's done the right way like Son Dambi's Bad Boy, it can give a good song another dimension that makes it even better. I don't bend for processing that often though so if I do, the song is either really, extremely well or there's something about it that I absolutely adore. Hot Girl is both.

It's dance but it's the type that if done the wrong way with an absolutely whacked out melody and unnecessary talking can sound really, really, really, really cheap but this sounds more like a remix of a top ten hit playing in an LA club or something. At least that's the impression I get. The chorus even sounds like something you'd put in an ad for a music channel or a cellphone, it's hip, young and the hook makes you smile but there are moments that make it round a bit 'retro' and disco-y in my books(of course I haven't heard a lot of disco but from that stuff I've heard, this is kinda like that..). 

The middle-8 is nothing special - I don't hear the magic that the chorus has but it's acceptable. Not a big fan of it though.

Also, it sounds much better in HQ - a lot of the backbeats that surprisingly give it a lot of groove for a dance song and make it an absolute pleasure to listen to got lost in the YouTube version, I'm afraid.



  1. This just in -- and its related to your special. Wonder Girls set to open for the Jonas Brothers on their world tour. AHHH! haha. Thought u might wanna knoaw.

    Also - BTW - you probably already know this but the english version of their single is hitting us airwaves soon i hear....hmmmm.

  2. I don't like the Wonder Girls - they haven't moved me yet but I haven't heard the Jonas Brothers news yet.. Thanks!


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