I've finally found a Demi Lovato song I like.

I don't like Demi Lovato as a whole - I never thought I'd hear a song worthy of my time because I've heard her first album and it's not my taste. Little did I know that a mere bonus track(which are most often the best parts of American albums..) would make me change my opinion on her even just a teensy bit.

Gift of a Friend is corny and Disney-like in every possible way but that's what draws me to the song even more. The vocals are one of the main reasons why I can stomach this song - she doesn't scream that much (but still does, a bit.), use that annoying side of her voice or breathe like she's having an asthma attack (that much..) that I can't stand so if you really listen to her vocals here they're actually very good. Melody-wise this song pushes all the right buttons - it's somewhat beautiful, to tell you the truth.

If she actually stops the screaming, breathing and annoyance I'd actually be OK with the girl - she actually has a voice underneath. Now Disney, when will you stop making all your acts go haywire in one way or another? It's like that's all you know how to do. For Demi's sake, please don't ruin her anymore - I have to admit, she actually has talent.



  1. re: your post title - someone had to :P

    Ho ho. I kill me I really do. Now go back to playing The Saturdays Work :)


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