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I've been bugging myself to write something up on this since I woke up this morning but the content only came to me now - it's 4 in the afternoon. Shows how lazy I've been over the past few days. Moving on.Oh yes, The Saturdays. They're one of those few bands/artists that I've seen go from support act with a few demos on MySpace and a debut single to a full-fledged pop sensation with an album and a huge following of fans, me included. I like many others saw how brilliantly new yet familiar If This Is Love was and simply fell in love with the girls to the point where I can actually recognize who's singing what on a song.

This song marks a new phase in their music but unlike countless others who've made the transition and failed, it seems so effortless and natural for them. They're growing musically because they need to up their game and show us exactly why they're Britain's hottest girl group but everything's falling into place, I think. With GA not releasing an album this year and Girls Can't Catch slowly gaining momentum, we need to hear something even more mind blowing than Work will ever be and we all know it's the most brilliant thing since anything. We've heard the stuff they're doing on tour(in bad quality so I'm not absolutely no position to judge) and now we have this - I think it's safe to say that their next album will be remotely amazing at the very least.

Unofficial is something I haven't heard from the girls before but it has traces of their other stuff. Take the piano part of Fall, it's quite similar to the one on this song. The melody also reminds me of an even more epic Why Me, Why Now at certain places but the thing that makes this unfamiliar to me is the fact that is sounds so much less processed and computer loop-based or guitar-influenced than their other stuff, probably somewhere in between the two. It's got a much more R&B-ish edge to it but it seems like this was the logical thing to do.

Aside from that I honestly adore the song. It has the potential to seem boring and overplayed after a few listens but to my surprise I kept on looping it. The vocals are epic, Vanessa sounds absolutely breath-taking and the rest of the girls are in great shape - they do the song more than the needed justice. My dream of ever hearing this sung live will most probably not happen though, dammit.



  1. i think they need to come back with a corking single around October/November time with an album for Christmas. Something massive that will solidify their status as ladies in waiting to Girls Aloud's throne :)

  2. Oh yeah. My year will not be complete without something from the girls groups and boybands of the world, The Saturdays included, around Christmas - it's become a norm. hahah.

  3. Damn. You beat me to it. I had my copy last night and I haven't even had the chance to ssomething. Darn. I'm so lazy. Haha.

    Anyways, I'm loving this song much and I think they really need something, like Paul said that would lament their names into the British music Scene as GA's successors. (not really)

  4. But you beat me to the JoJo song! We're even now. And what's not to love about this song? NOTHING! hahah.

  5. I saw The Saturdays last week in Brighton when I took my daughter to her first gig. Much to my surprise they were pretty good with decent support from Pixie Lott and Jessie Malalouti for my review -

  6. I went to my first real, official concert last year and I'm 14! I don't know why I didn't go concert-hopping earlier(oh right, my mom.)!

    No matter how hard I dream I will never be able to watch The Saturdays live in the next 6 years until I finish school so I'm seriously jealous!! hahah.


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