SHINee - Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)

Note: Noona is used by Korean guys to address an older woman.

After all the heavy, serious R&B songs I've heard from the boybands it's nice to hear something different from them.
From what I'm getting, SHINee are the younger boyband in Korea - they're probably just a little younger than the new US boybands(just found out, one of them is 15 - FIFTEEN. My age - I'll be 15 this year.). The first video of them I saw was Juliet which is surprisingly a cover of Corbin Bleu's Deal With It. Judging by the two videos I've already seen, my guess is they're also the sweet, light boyband who can really dance(isn't the video on top enough proof? If it's not - see this. It's the dance cut of the video and it's just as brilliant.)

For some strange reason they so remind me of the new boybands in the US - I don't know if it's the video or the vocals or even the dancing but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the video were NLT who are gone., V Factory who're finally getting somewhere - the video for Love Struck was out a few days ago and Varsity Fanclub who lost a member and replaced him with a guy who has the same name. SHINee just released a new mini-album(their second) and have had a full-length album out within a year. What's that to say about the boybands of the world?

The song is a nice mid-tempo song and the chorus very American - something Usher-type singers wouldn't have a problem singing but the verses are very Korean(of course I can't clearly say what's Korean and not yet but from what I know..) - I can't imagine any other country coining the style. The middle 8 is short but sweet, I love it. As a whole it grows on you - the first time you hear the song you'll think it's nice or OK but as time passes and you have time to notice every single detail, it will blow your mind.

Another thing that really made me want to write about this song - did you notice? THERE IS NO RAP PART. There's talking at the end but that's under the vocals so it doesn't really count as a rap part. Just goes to show that these boybands can make a song without rap.

A few days after I first heard this I got curious so I listened to the remix that comes with their first mini-album and it's even better than the original one. It's not one of those dance-y remixes where they just stick in a lame, over-used trance loop behind the a capella version - they completely restructured the instrumentals and made it into a song that leans more toward the Mirotic-esque songs of the world. For crap's sake - THIS BOYBAND IS BRILLIANT.



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