Rewind: Fan Club - Baby

This was the band Rain was in back when he was still known at Ji Hoon and before JYP turned him into Rain and I must admit, he wasn't half bad in the band.
The video might be crap with the guys wearing all these oversized shirts and strange dresses and the rapping might get on your last nerves but the parts that actually have a melody are actually quite good. It sounds like something a boy band now could even attempt to sing and that's a good thing.

Plus aren't a bunch of guys who look like they're 14 or 15 but are actually 17 or 18 dancing and singing a bit the type of band that sells? They had two albums before the company 'controlling' them dissolved and they split.



  1. luckily he's much better solo :P

  2. Without a shadow of a doubt but he had to start somewhere, right? This was tolerable at the very least.


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