Son Dambi - Bad Boy

I didn't show much interest in Son Dambi while I was putting together the 'crash course' post - I had already seen two of her videos and neither of them caught my ear. While I was looking for a dance-y track to review though, I came across Bad Boy:
(just a side comment: I don't know why they're calling her the female Rain when his songs are nothing like this)

Bad Boy isn't as 'retro' and somewhat stiff in the wrong ways like Saturday Night is and it's the kind of dance I quite enjoy, actually. Surprisingly, it's got a bit of groove for a dance track - I could feel my foot tapping unconsciously at certain parts of the song.

Unlike a lot of other songs, the processing on this one actually makes the song quite good. It's wasn't done too excessively(or tastelessly..) and the right parts were processed - you can tell that it's really something to play at a club but at the same time something you can actually listen to without your head exploding.

The hook(when the subtitles say 'I fought to the point where it became wearisome' until 'you are my bad boy') is true to its nature - it's catchy enough that I was humming along by the end of the song. I'm not an expert when it comes to dance songs but what I've noticed with the ones I've heard is that I almost always only remember the hook. It's also extremely good - the melody is brilliant and like I said, the processing isn't annoying, I'd want to listen to this again.

The verses don't fail to impress me even with a brilliant hook - the minute I heard the first verse I knew this was the dance song I wanted to write about. They're verses, not as catchy and strong as the chorus but I think the point of this was to get the chorus stuck in as many heads as possible and get people to remember the song as a whole. They're not second-rate though - the verses are fantastic at their best and you can't go wrong with verses that do their job.

I'm so fed up of rap parts at the moment to tell you the truth, I haven't heard this much rap since ever.



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