Big Bang - Gara Gara Go

The past 18-20 hours for me is best described as crap in every possible way. It started last night when I got home real late after my voice got a beating singing hi re's and fa's over and over again. Since I'm the oldest in my 'voice' and my cousin was there watching(she's a very good choir person, mind you) a lot was resting on me to sing those solo parts naturally. So last night I lost my voice of all horrors. At around 4 AM, maybe earlier, I felt like crap - like I had a fever. When it was time to wake up for school I couldn't get up, I was way too sick. So here I am, lying down on my bed and wallowing(and my insecurities are starting to bite back..) with a MacBook Air and unlimited wi-fi by my side. The one thing that made my morning somewhat pleasant was this song:
I honestly adore Big Bang and if it weren't for the rapping like 60% of the time they'd most probably be my favorite Korean boyband but alas, they rap way too much for my taste.

This is their new Japanese single slated for release on July 8 and I absolutely adore it. The processing seemed a bit unnecessary (especially for the guy who sings first - his voice is absolutely gorgeous that I don't know why they even thought to masking his brilliance) when I first heard it but after I listened to the whole thing I was convinced that this may be one of the most brilliant mainstream K-pop (or J-pop if you take into account which market this is aimed at..) songs this year. The song as a whole sounds very techno/R&B-like, a far cry from my favorite song of theirs but I can see the appeal of an arrangement like this. Being me, the melody won me over before I could even weigh the good and bad of the arrangement so I'm afraid this song is brilliant to my ears.

The chorus is absolutely divine and they sell the song amazingly well, being catchy and all but the verses are outstanding beyond words. The processing during the verses becomes slightly bearable but I honestly can't wait for them to sing this live so I can actually hear the song without auto-tune.

At the moment, it's a 4.9/5 but it might go up to a perfect score pretty soon.


  1. hope you are feeling better soon :( poor you!

  2. Hope you get better :D
    I have to agree with you about the song, it's great except the beggining. I only continued to listen because the synth part is great and the beat very adictive :D

  3. Paul - Thanks! Am feeling a lot better today but my bed is still my best friend, I'm afraid.

    Zore - Oh yeah. The song is a masterpiece in itself.

  4. Haha. They rap too much? Basically u r saying that TOP contribution to the group is totally irrelevant? LOL.

  5. No, not at all. It's just a personal preference that they not rap that much. The amount of rapping on this song is enough for me, I think. If they could half that and make G-Dragon sing a line then I'd be even happier.


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