New Music!

A lot has been happening and I haven't had the time to properly digest everything since I got sick. I'm feeling a lot better now - better than yesterday but I'm stuck at home for the next three days.
  • For those of you who loved the severe pop-y-ness of BoA's Milky Way during the KPOP special and Etude - the song I featured a few days ago, there's another song in that category. My Boy is honestly like a mix between Milky Way AND Etude so do check it out.
  • So Kristinia DeBarge has covered Varsity Fanclub's Future Love. I was surprised, to say the least but I do love the version now - it's so, her. The girl is continuing to impress me as I hear more of her stuff - I just hope she gets some attention at the very least.
  • Since yesterday Leona Lewis songs have been leaking like crazy - three full songs and one clip but I haven't heard the first Ryan Tedder song that leaked (mainly because Mediafire is being a pain..). Perfect Stranger's not my type, Brave's nothing special but I Got U has the potential to blow me away. It hasn't done the job yet but I think once we get the whole song I'll start going crazy. The melody reminds me something songwriters here would give a band, surprisingly - let's see where the song will go.
  • OLA! I adore the guy - reminds me so much of a male Agnes Carlsson. Sky's The Limit is armed with lyrics that can make your cringe but don't because the song is just so pop-y that you don't mind. That's what I call pop music.
  • There's a new Brown Eyed Girls teaser out and even if they made a song with the most brilliant bridge ever, I'm not impressed. Will have to wait for the whole song, then.
  • Daughtry has covered Poker Face. Haven't heard it and I don't have any intentions to - unless someone tells me it's any good.
  • Whitney Houston has a new song out? Haven't heard it either but I think I'll give it a shot later - it's bound to be decent at the very least.
What to expect in the near future:
  • I've set up a few interviews with some indie artists so that should come through most probably in the next month or so. YAY!
  • Apparently it's new single season in Korea and US and UK artists are slowly leaking new stuff so that should keep me preoccupied.


  1. The new Leona tracks are utterly boring as well as the new Whitney song.

    Daughtry's "Poker Face" isn't as good as any other covers of the shite. I'm appalled with the overratedness "PF" has become. Tsk tsk.

  2. I am quite pleased with the Leona tunes. I shall be loving her second album then it seems. SO SO SO disappointed by the Whitney comeback :( It makes me sad... Haven't heard OLA yet which is ridiculous because I adore him!

  3. Ken - Like I always say, will everyone PLEASE get over Lady GaGa already? hahah.

    Paul - The new Ola song is BRILLIANT. It's like, taking over my ears - second to The Saturdays, of course.

    So I shouldn't listen to the Whitney song? Problem solved, then - I guess.

  4. I had no idea that Whitney is making a comeback.
    That song by Boa is so cool! It reminds me of the japanese anime generic songs that air in my country


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