OK. So over the past few weeks I've been arranging a number of interviews with some amazingly promising indie artists who deserve major label deals RIGHT NOW. Some of them were brought to my attention by a PR firm I recently got access to but the guy I'm featuring today first e-mailed me to review his songs months back. If you remember, I wrote about him here.

The guy's a genius songwriter so I picked his brains a few hours ago and here's what conspired:

1. What made you want to do music at an age where a lot of kids/people are still struggling with their identities and finding out who they are?

I've always wanted to do music, I've always been doing music. It's just at this point I'm taking it to the next level.

2. As far as influences go, who are they and why are these people the ones you look up to or listen to?

Ryan Leslie is a genius in my eyes and highly underrated. I love Frankmusik, Sam Sparro, La Roux, Whitney Houston - my mum is a huge fan, so when I was young I'd be used to listening to a lot of I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Saving All My Love For You. Xenomania, Calvin Harris, Blake Lewis. Just a lot of pop music.

3. If you were given a major label deal right now, what would be your reaction, will you accept it and what will you do once you have it?

ATM, I'm not really looking for a record deal. I've signed a publishing deal with EMI so now I'm a professional writer and producer, but I'm holding off on the artist thing.

4. So I know kids like us can't do certain things when it comes to music or writing because of our age or because of school but what do you do to further yourself and your music? How important is getting your music out?

Extremely important. There's no point making it if it's not gonna get out there IMO. If you love what you do, I don't feel anything should really get in the way, because it's your dream, it's your life.

5. How do you react to criticism?

Better than I did a few years ago. Now I know there's a difference between constructive criticism and criticism on its own. Constructive would be, "You suck, but here's how you can improve". While criticism on its own is just basically "You suck."

6. What makes a good song for you? Do your songs have all those elements?

A good song TO ME, is a song that is catchy and non-filler. Something in which not only the chorus captures, but the melody, the verses, the instrumentation, everything. I think all my songs have those elements. I like making songs that are great, but will get annoying after, lol!

7. Is school important to you? As in even if you're given the chance to break the industry, will you still make time to finish studying?

I genuinely despise school, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I, ironically, don't believe in being taught music in school. Being told to play this, like this and like that, that's not music. Music is one of those things where you can only go where your heart takes you, not where your teacher takes you.

8. If it's the only choice, will you join a reality show to get into the industry? Why or why not?

I wouldn't. I reckon reality TV shortens the chances of the artist having a long and fruitful career, with a few exceptions (Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson). And plus the label makes them who they want them to be which isn't cool.

9. At the moment, what's the 'ultimate dream' so to say? What do you think you want to do for the rest of your life?

The ultimate dream...I would say being a musician for the rest of my life. Being a RESPECTED musician.

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