Another Friday Night post.

I'm exhausted but I don't know why - I always want to write about a ton of stuff on Friday night. Maybe I should make this an every week thing. Sounds interesting. hahah.

So first thing's first - Kristinia DeBarge. I don't know - something about the songs make me uninspired to write about the album. There are good songs, don't get me wrong, Speak Up and Somebody are the best of the good but the album as a whole sounds like various stuff we've all heard before - most of the melodies haven't moved me to the point of no return either.I'd give the album a 4/5 at the moment.

My beloved Brown Eyed Girls have released their new album(which is extremely confused but has three of the most brilliant ballads ever sung) and the lead single is so Eurotrash-y it could pass for crap. OK, maybe I'm being a little mean but seriously, the song is way too auto-tuned and techo-ized that I have a hard time imagining how the heck they're gonna sing this live.

I've noticed this with quite a number of girl groups. For some strange reason, the best singers are the ones who get the most auto-tuning, cutesy-fying and crappy-fying of all the members - that's like the worst thing you can do, make a girl who can sing sound like a baby or a crap singer. For BEG, Narsha gets like 3 short lines asa bridge and it's auto-tuned to the point where you can't even decipher if it's her - heck, she hardly even sings.

Oh, and the video is possibly going to be banned in Korea because it's VERY controversial and the girls' entertainment company refuses to edit it. Kudos to them for standing by their creation - even if it's not my taste at all.

BSB's new single has left me speechless. The fact that they can make a melody that sounds like it came straight out of the year 2000 and slap it onto a very 2008/2009 arrangement is beyond me. THIS is why they're Gods in the boyband world - enough said.


  1. Hello. Coincidence. Srsly, I just watched the same korean MV yesterday nite. NOT really impressed by it, and seriously, other than creating a controversy and being overly sexualized, is there anything interesting about that group? The song is meh :S
    On the other side. BSB. They're back AGAIN. OMG. OMG. OMG. I can't believe that they finally release a single. I kinda like it. LOVE it even. I've been listening to it over n over again since from this morning. *happy*

  2. LOVING the new BSB song. It's rather excellent and sounds exactly like a backstreet boys song should sound in 2009, if that makes any sense at all!!

  3. rcLoy - They do have one good song and there are some brilliant voices in the group but yeah, I do agree that this song is nothing special. I'm curious to see what the next single's gonna be though.

    Paul - I know! How they managed to do that is still a mystery to me.


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