No, it's not because JLS are NUMBER ONE in the UK mid-weeks(WOOHOO!) but because I have just found the most amazing k-pop R&B-ish song by a guy/bunch of guys. The guy in question is from the highly-publicized and highly-crappy Korean version of F4 - Boys Over Flowers.
Let me correct myself - the guy singing the song is the one who doesn't talk at all in the highly crappy Korean version of F4. I honestly didn't know he could hold a melody! OK, the guy is sub-par in the vocal department but we have auto-tune in the 21st century - he like many others who can't sing, will survive. Well at least the guy can dance! Not like Rain (NO ONE will ever be like the guy..) but good enough. Give me a good song and I'll bear with your voice and kind of like your dancing, thankfully.

If I were to recommend you one good song from each genre and artist type in Korea - this would be the song I'd give your for the solo/group male R&B-ish but not stuff. The song as a whole is great - why? Read on! (one of my crazy attempts to keep you reading my reviews. hahah!)

The song actually starts out very ordinary and the verses are sub-par - it's worth your time but not a lot of it. The guy basically overlooks the verses because if you've seen the teaser of the song you know very well that the best is yet to come.

Before I start raving about the brilliance of the rest of the song, let me take a moment to commend whoever thought of the dynamics on this damn song. You hear that every time the song goes into another part, there's always an indicator that's loud and clear enough for us to notice. In short, as the amazing-ness of the song escalates, the dynamics change and the result is a very cool instrumental - I'd imagine if you strip the vocals and just keep the instrumentals it'll be very cool and posh with a bit of groove.

The bridge is a notch more amazing from the first verse. At least I think it's the bridge - after the first dynamic 'indicator', the one with 'sarang' and a word that sounds like 'motel' without the L in the lyrics. That's it. The chorus (with the 'tell me why' in the lyrics..) is drool-worthy to the point when the whole floor will most probably filled with your saliva. It's that good.

One thing I noticed while writing this review and actually putting the parts of the song to words is that it actually has like 3 different hooks (won't call them choruses or verses of bridges or whatever 'coz they're not..) that don't come in the standard verse-bridge-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-middle 8 and/or rap part-dance break-last chorus form. It's like OK - one minute you think this is the hook/chorus and then the next minute it's gone and was replaced by a completely different part with a different melodic structure and everything. Dammit.

All three (could be four, not so sure but I think it's 3..) hooks are obviously different but they all just happen to be amazingly brilliant. It's like I can fathom the rap part of this song 'coz it comes in between two of the most amazing melodies I've ever heard or I think I've heard - the hooks make that much of an impact. Like hell. I love the part right after the rap part - it's a lot more processed but a lot less 'heavy'-ish. It makes sense, in short.

Actually, even with the strange structure and brilliantly (sometimes overpowering) thought of and executed dynamics - this song makes all the sense in the world. I love it - that's the bottom line.
The video + full song. WATCH IT A MILLION TIMES, LIKE HELL.
5/5. Phew - that was LOOOOOOONG.


  1. OK. I like this song. It takes me a while before I can really enjoy any song in particular, esp if I don't know the artist. Not that bad, but of course, not that super catchy compared to Sorry Sorry. The video, its okay, I don't get the pulling in and away part and the dancing moves. Am I the only one who realise the Kamehameha move from Dragon Ballz?

  2. I'm more of a song person than a video person - music always, always comes first. It's great, isn't it? The guy deserves more attention than he actually gets. Sad, really.

    Don't know Dragon Ballz, sorry. Was never an Asian-y animation person when I was a kid.


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