The guy who made the music that defined my freshman year.

I remember when American Idol 6 was on - I was in sixth grade. At that time I had a best friend who was the biggest Idol fan, next to me of course, and we were both rooting for Blake Lewis. The guy was by far the most creative contestant in the competition and yes, his forte was beatboxing but he could also sing like hell - he was brilliant and extremely talented. So obviously I'd be extremely disappointed and annoyed when Jordin won (although now that her second album's out, I realize that she deserved to win, even just a bit.) and Blake would forever be labeled as the guy who didn't win Idol.

His album came out, I fell in love with the songs but it wasn't until the latter and extremely depressing part of my freshman year that the album really meant something to me. Brilliant songs, insane melodies and the songs I fell in love with didn't have my favorite beatboxing Blake. Oh well, tough luck.

Well he's back.

I don't know why but his pronunciation on Sad Song is SO BRIT. I'm not complaining or anything but I'm just not used to it. Overlooking the pronunciation, the song has some of those moments when I want to strangle the guy for making something as brilliant as the song. When I first heard it I was a little iff-y about it and thought it was sub-par compared to his other songs but now that I listen to it a lot more, THIS SONG SHOULD BE A HIT. I'm not saying it will, it may or may not but I'm saying that if I were to choose, everyone in the world has to listen to it twice - I now find the song one of the best this year, so far.

I don't think the first verse does justice to the song until it's very close to the chorus which is insanely brilliant. I can imagine people singing the hook all over the place - don't know if it'll happen though. The second verse is much better, maybe because of the instrumentals and the middle 8 is auto-tune heaven and yet I find it appealing - there's something about it. Although it's obviously not hit you on the head auto-tune which is why I like it to a certain extent.

5/5. As if I'd give it any other rating.


  1. your title made me feel INCREDIBLY old, particularly when i realised you weren't talking about college :P

    GREAT song though :)

  2. Hahah. It took some time but yeah, it's great!


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