Jordin Sparks - Walking On Snow

There are songs that help me relax and clam nerves but there are songs that go the extra mile for me - they make me smile no matter how crappy I'm feeling. I don't come across those kinds of songs very often though and if I do some of those songs get way too overplayed and don't have the element that keeps me interested. I never expected Jordin Sparks to have a song that did that to me. Too bad though - she does.

The first time I heard Walking On Snow was back in February when a clip of an early version of it was released. I was slightly regretfully way too preoccupied with Paper Cut's brilliance (which I think I'll never be able to hear in full) but I thought Walking On Snow was amazing at the very least. Now that we have it in full (and in pretty decent quality..) though, it has really, truly blown me away.

The song's epic yet happy - it has the ability to make you think it's the most brilliant and amazing song in the world when it wants you to and then completely change your opinion to make you smile the other half of the time. The verses build up to epic-ness of the instrumentals and the happy-ish-ness of the melody during the chorus that makes you the good kind of confused as to what the song actually is. The middle 8, oh dear. It dignifies the phrase 'short but sweet' - those four lines seem so short yet are enough to leave you amazed.

The one thing I'm afraid of is the fact that after a few days or weeks or months there's a high possibility that it will lose its impact on me and only come back after I stop listening to it for months at a time. I honestly think that after a few days I won't be gushing over it anymore and it'll sound boring. For that reason, I won't give the song a perfect score.



  1. i think the jordin album (much like her debut) could be a mixed bag of brilliance and less than brilliant. this is quite decent indeed, although doesn't top the greatest song about snow of recent times - Shayne Ward's Melt The Snow which is just delicious.

  2. rcLoy - I know, right?

    Paul - Yeah, agreed! There are songs supposed to be on the album that I never wanna listen to again but there have been rare instances of absolute brilliance. And I do agree - 'Melt The Snow' has got to be insanely great.

  3. I like this song. It leaves you happy when you listen to it. It's already on heavy rotation in my mp3 :D
    Thanks for the review!

  4. I know but when you actually think of it - it's epic! Happily Epic. Oooooh.


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