SNSD - Genie + Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Not For You (video)

The song is slowly gaining momentum as a single and is poised to be a gigantic hit over the next few weeks. When I first heard the song I wasn't impressed - it didn't make me tick but after a few more listens it suddenly seemed like the most brilliant thing since anything(which it's obviously not but close enough!).

A few days ago I said a few more listens and I'd get sick of it - that's partially true. The only reason why I bothered to even listen to the song again was because of alleged plagiarism. Everyone started freaking out when they found out that Genie sounds exactly the same as a Uzbekistani popstar's single a few months ago. Everything was cleared when SM Entertainment(the girls' talent company) said that they bought the exclusive rights to use the song however they wanted to and somehow the demo leaked and the popstar got it. So everything's fine in K-pop land. Here's the SNSD song and below that is the 'rip-off'.

So I got informed via Twitter that Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Australian pop queen (am I right to call her that?) has a new video out. For a song I absolutely adored the first time I heard it. Here's what I said back in February when I first reviewed the album:

Not For You sounds like something Everlife or Superchic[k] would sing for a Disney live-action movie soundtrack. I love every part of the song, these kinds of songs are usually the ones that I'll listen to a lot when I first get them, get sick of them and I'll forget about it for two months then when I'm so bored, I'll remember the song, listen to it and just smile at brilliance.

Did it happen? Hell yeah.

I came back from a miserable and painful doctor's appointment(Which is probably too graphic to describe.) to find what? THE EFFIN' VIDEO PREMIERE. I'm like - FREAKING OUTTTTT! I honestly predicted both of the girls' post-album singles. YAY.


  1. the Nats song is quite good actually. I hope you are feeling better :)

  2. Yeah - this album has a lot of brilliance circling within it.

  3. Wow. I just posted the SNSD video on my blog and somehow I saw your link in J.Mensah's
    Seriously, SNSD is so good~ So is Big Bang and Wonder Girls. =)

  4. Not screaming much for the Wonder Girls but Big Bang and SNSD ARE good. hahah.


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