Top 20

The first ever Korean number one! YAY! The most unexpected person making the most brilliant song. No recap this week - I'm far too lazy. I might even scrap that idea altogether - me and my laziness.

20. Stephanie Carache - Mr. Playa
19. SHINee - Romantic
18. Jesse McCartney - Because You Live
17. JoJo - 25 to Life
16. Jennings - Falling Higher-Full
15. BoA - My Boy
14. Big Bang - Gara Gara Go
13. Britt Nicole - The Lost Get Found
12. Girls' Generation/SNSD - Boyfriend
11. BoA - Etude
10. JLS - Beat Again
9. Demi Lovato - Gift of a Friend
8. Ola - Sky's The Limit
7. Girls' Generation/SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
6. The Saturdays - Unofficial
5. Jordin Sparks - No Parade
4. SHINee - Love's Way
3. Jordin Sparks - Was I The Only One
2. Ju-Taun - Let Me In
1. Kim Joon - Be OK (1 Week)


  1. i quite like that you are so smitten with the saturdays current bside :) dying to see whether new tunes from Blake Lewis and Mika will make your list...

  2. great to see this top 20! I myself love asian music :-) the languages sound cool and the music is often very catchy :-) I love SHINee, BoA and Big Bang!

  3. Paul - The new Blake Lewis song will be on the top 20 this time next week! Not as amazingly, insanely brilliant as I was expecting but it's a lot better than some of the crap that's out these days - HURRAH!

    D.P.F - The music is a gigantic factor, as always! SHINee are great for those R&B mid-tempos and the complicated choreography, BoA is great for those pop to the point of puking songs and Big Bang are in a league of their own - Daesung has the most gorgeous voice everrrr.

  4. I love your countdown. You are my K Pop sister even though you hate the Wonder Girls and Chae Yeon. LOL!

    I'm loving BoA, Big Bang and Kim Joon. Great stuff!


  5. We stick together in this big world - I've come to know. As long as you like K-pop as a whole like I do, then we're REALLY siblings! hahah.

    Out of all the K-pop stuff I've heard, I least expected to hear something good from Kim Joon. Big Bang have the ability to leave me speechless with the right song and very little rap. BoA - she makes the best pop-y songs everrrr.


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