UPDATED 9/6/09: Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry

(the edit on September 6, 2009 is at the end of the post.)

I haven't reviewed any full-length albums since I started the special so now's the time to start, I think - with this album in particular.I'm starting to really, really like this boy band not just because of the songs(although that's the main reason) but because of the choice of members. All over the Korean pop circles, I've seen people complain about the fat guy in Super Junior. I wouldn't call him fat, chubby maybe and I actually like the fact that he's there and isn't a marginalized member which is easy to become because of how big the band is. He gives the band a new dimension for me and proves to everyone in other countries killing themselves to get thin just so they can do what they want to do that you don't have turn into what the industry dictates you to be. Of course you'll get a lot of slack from it like I said but at the end of the day, Super Junior has had two number one albums and has sold over half a million records in Korea alone over the span of three albums - people learn to accept him.

I honestly really, really respect this boy band for that. Heck, they even make me feel a bit better about myself.

I'm really, really relieved that I found a few insanely brilliant Korean songs without rap parts - it makes this special even better. When I first heard Sorry, Sorry it was live without the processing and everything else a recorded song has and I wasn't impressed at all, I thought 2PM's Again and Again was better. So a few days passed and I couldn't get the hook out of my mind - 'Sorry, sorry, sorry' was threatening to take over my brain. So I dug up the video, listened to the whole song and by the end of it my jaw dropped open - it was more amazing than I first thought it was. The chorus/hook is monotonous and repetitive, I think that's what makes it stick in your mind. The words are repeated three or four times to a chorus that only has one note and the melody is only varied a bit during the second verse - it's main mission in life(excuse the pun) is to annoy an amaze us. I'm not a gigantic fan of songs like this but as I always say, if it's done the right way and becomes a convincing package of a song - it has the potential to blow me away.
The next track, Why I Like You is as brilliant if not better than Sorry, Sorry. I can't really clearly compare it to a certain song but it sounds remotely like Moments that Matter mixed with the seriousness of Battlefield, the smoothness of Alesha Dixon's Colors of the Rainbow and a heap of the unmistakability of Korean pop - I could be wrong though. Again, what wins on this song is the chorus, you can't get it out of your mind but the most gorgeous and musically strong part are the verses. The verses are everything you could ever ask for, the instrumentals are subdued and they really let the melody get noticed. They. Will. Blow. You. Away.

Let's Not.. is a sweet ballad but like all the other sub-par ballads I've heard over the past few weeks, it's a little resonant on my ears. It's not as bad as some other songs and the melody is nice but I have my favorite Kpop ballad that set my standards really high - this is nothing like it. There are some good parts though. Angela is a bit perkier and it sounds like something that could easily fit into a Korean drama - it's happy but held back. The melody though is insane - it sounds so much like something a Western boyband could sing but it's so effin' Korean that the idea becomes impossible. These are the songs that I learn a lot about Kpop from and that I'm happy to hear because not only do I find out what Kpop is, it means that they know who they are musically and aren't afraid to show it. That's something my country doesn't do very often.

Reset is Usher-like at the start, that loop reminds me a heck of a lot of the guy. When the melody starts though, it turns into a completely different song. The verses are effortlessly gorgeous and the chorus turns Reset into lighter Usher-esque song. Monster reminds me of some of the later tracks on Rain's Rainism - the heavy R&B mixed with club-ish elements that sounds remotely Korean. What If is a pretty ballad, albeit still not good enough for me - nice try, guys.

The next two tracks don't interest me that much so let's move on. When you first hear the song, the start of Happy Together doesn't give the impression that the song is even remotely good but the chorus is so light and smooth that in it's own little way - it will blow your mind. Like a lot of other amazing songs, it doesn't hit you on the head(a big difference from Sorry, Sorry) and there's an appeal to songs like this - the second time you listen to it the verses suddenly make all the sense in the world.

It takes ten tracks, two of them ballads for Super Junior to give me a ballad worth listening to and even Dead At Heart isn't the best I've heard. It's still worth every second though - I love the contrast of the mild verses and the slightly sharp choruses. The album closes off with Shining Star, a sweet mid-tempo verging on ballad. It's another of those 'slap me on a Korean drama and I'll make the girls scream' songs - they can't seem to get enough of these types. Still, a nice way to close everything off - simple and light although I do think Angela's a better song.


Late last week (I think. yeah.) I saw the poster for Sorry Sorry at my local (crappy) record store and I freaked. I rushed into the store and interrogated the first girl I saw - the album wasn't there yet but it would be within the month. I waited patiently and today I sauntered in, not hoping for anything and look what the crap I saw!Distributed by Universal Philippines, I assume the album's available in the major record bars (SM, M1, Oddesey, Astro Plus) and has been for a few days now. Priced at Php 355 (in M1 at least), the album comes with a free poster as well.

So now for the obligatory 'photoshoot'. I got a poster and the 'photo diary' thingy. YAY!

I've edited the sum-up as well to include the tracks from Version C! Edits are in bold and the rating is up! hahah.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: It's between Sorry, Sorry, Why I Like You and It's You
Better Tracks: Angela, Reset, Happy Together, Love Disease, Love U More
Least Favorite Track: The songs I didn't write about - Heartbreak and Club No. 1 didn't make an impact.
THE RATING: 4.6/5!!


  1. Impressive review! Wow!
    It's You and Why I Like U is definitely the best tracks of this album. XD

  2. Hahah! Thanks - it's actually an old review I did when I was just getting addicted to K-pop (and knew nothing, honestly!)

    Oh yeah but I'm leaning a bit towards the other Version C tracks at the moment - 'Love Disease' and 'Love U More' are brilliant!

  3. I love their album too. keke. BTW lovin' the brand new SuJu banner. Looks GREAT! =)

  4. just wondering, what is your favorite ballad?

  5. My review said I liked 'Dead at Heart' but now I actually like 'What If'! hahah.

  6. He's not just fat. I don't know why people only comment about the fact that shin is fat. He's also ugly.


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