The new Cheryl Cole single? zzzzzzzzzzzz.

In lieu of new pop masterpieces from GA this year, we get some new stuff from Cheryl Cole.

What's the song like in one word? GENERIC. Or BORING.

We've heard this all before - the cheesy-ish 'R&B' influenced melody with the generic, uncreative instrumental and arrangement that goes with it. Her vocals aren't any better - give me solo stuff from Nicola and I'd prefer that the world over.

This song is like the Eurocrap with the cheesy, cheap, generic dance loop of the US. Can we please get something different for once?

Taking originality out of consideration though, the melody is competent. It's nothing new or special but it's there and with a little tweaking here and there can be remotely good.


  1. Uh, I'm so NOT impressed with it at all too, I bet she can do much better than this. If not, she can always got back to Girls Aloud. XD

  2. I'm absolutely no fan of Cherevyl, but a part of me really wanted and expected this song to be immense. How disappointing that is not even good "faux" r'n'b... it's just all a bit meh. Could be absolutely anyone, and about 2 years too late - had Cheryl released a song with a lyric like this when Ashley was being a pants man, it would have been huge. So in conclusion it's too late. Should've gone a different route. Of course it suffers horribly from not being a Nicola solo single :P

  3. rcLoy - My point exactly!

    Paul - I know! All these rumors about her working with 'superstar' producers got me excited and then once the single came out I was like "that's it?". Nicola should hurry up and release something! hahah.


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