Rant: Thoughts on Jaebeom's Quitting 2PM - Twitter style.

Since I'm way too lazy to rewrite what I think and everyone who's anyone has written this really long opinion on the matter - here's what I said on Twitter all of tonight for your convenience and amusement.My own tweets starting at around 6:40 PM-ish.
2. I'm deeply sorry for cursing but f***** HELL. WHY JAEBOM? WHY? I'm not an avid 2PM fan but seriously, fans are taking this WAY TOO FAR.
3. About 80% of the time (all over the world), if one member leaves pop band - it's over for everyone. Will 2PM be Westlife or the Spice Girls?
4. Once again - holy crap. JAEBOM LEFT 2PM. I hate to think about this but as I said, once one member leaves, it's downhill all the way.

Some conversations with K-pop fan friends:

The first conversation - with a school friend. This is in my native tongue so translations of the italicized parts follow for those who can't understand. hahah.
Friend 1: whyyyy jaebum whyyyy?? DDDD:
Me: Yun nga eh. Nagmura nga ako dita kanina eh! hahah. (translation: Exactly. I was even cursing here a while ago!)
Friend 1: nakakainis. srsly, minsan lang 'to pero naiyak ako konti! iba na kasi eh -_- (Trans: Annoying. Seriously, this doesn't happen very often but I feel like crying a bit! It's different now.)
Me: AS IN. Super lapit ko na talagang umiyak nung nabasa ko. This is taking a mistake in the past WAY TOO FAR - suicide petition? (AS IN. I was literally on the verge of crying when I read it. And you can understand the rest.. hahah.)
Friend 1: gawin natin suicide petition sa antis T^T (Trans: Let's make a suicide petition for the antis)
Me: TARA! OO nga - I tried understanding their depression when they start dating pero talagang DISRESPECT na 'to. (COME ON! Yeah - [start again after dating] but this is really DISRESPECT now.)
Friend 1: SOOBRAAAA> grabe eh. :| nakakainis, mas nanankit sila ng ibang tao eh (REALLYYYY. It's so annoying - they start hurting other people in the process.)
Me: OO nga eh. I understand that they have their own opinions and all pero exactly - nananakit sila at naninira ng pangarap. DEEP (Yeah. I understand that they have their own opinions but exactly - they're hurting people and destroying dreams.)
Friend 1: tama~! grabe na eh -_- ang babaw ng problema tsaka ang bata pa ni jay nun eh :| (RIGHT. It's really bad - the problem's really shallow and he was really young then.)

Then in the middle of the conversation above - I got into another one. This was in English. hahah.
Friend 2: OMG. I can't believe this. I just got back home too ><>.<>.<>.<
Me: I have to read this insanely deep Filipino novel! It's so annoying.

The third one with another school friend.
Friend 3: fck sht jaebooooooooooooom :(((((((((((
Me: *cries* JOIN THE CLUB.
Friend 3: :(((((((((((((((
Me: KAINIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. (Trans: Annoying.)

There you have it. hahah.


  1. hi Nikki, I'm marj. hm, I felt bad either when I knew about this news tungkol kay Jaebeom. Its just nice to see other people siding on Jaebeom. Thank you for sharing this post. Let's just hope that Jay would come back to 2pm again someday :)


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