Sugababes - About A Girl

I still haven't given in to Get Sexy and I highly doubt I ever will but this new song is giving me a tiny bit of hope that the girls still know what singing a melody means. However, I still have a ton of complaints about this song - there's no escaping my wrath, really.I've said time and time again (most recently on the Pop Panel) that I cannot stand generic and cheap dance/Eurocrap loops. I don't care if the melody is great and the arrangement is not bad - FOR CRAP'S SAKE WILL YOU PEOPLE GET SOME ORIGINALITY?! If I hear another cheap trance loop from some God forsaken European producer in Germany or Belgium whatever on a pop song I'm going to explode. There are a ton of other loops in the world and some of them are actually good, why stick with the cheap ones?

Sure, they sell *ahem* Lady Gaga *ahem* but there's more to music than selling. (I better stop here before I start ranting about the industry again.)

The melody at first listen is nothing special - when I first heard it I only liked the start before the verses started (and there's hardly any melody there) and hated the bridge with a passion. Now that I listen to it more though, it's a lot better than I thought it was. The breakdown during middle 8 is hands-down the best part of the song, they lost the annoying loop for a few seconds and the melody is remotely brilliant.

I forgot who but I think it was Paul who said this - Get Sexy only sounds good played real loud in a club. Add About a Girl to that statement and I'll agree 100%.

Honestly, I don't like the direction the Sugababes are going - it's genericly European and it's been done too much before and now. For crap's sake, I miss About You Now!
2.7/5 At least it's better than the Cheryl Cole single! hahah.


  1. i quite like the single - would probably give it one more mark than you. 5/5 for you though for the last sentence just after your score. High-larious!!

  2. Oh I actually like the new Sugababes sound. I love dance/club beats regardless of how cheap and recycled they are!

    And you're 100% correct about how shit Cheryl Cole's album is!

  3. I don't actually hate dance beats/loops - as long as they're good, creative and original I'm 100% OK. But all I've been hearing these days are a bunch of recycled Swedish/German loops being used in the US and UK years after they were originally used. UGH.

    Hahah. I wanna try listening to the album just to see how bad it really is! STILL - nothing can beat the Eoghan Quigg album. That was pure, utter, CRAP in its purest form. Hahah.

  4. Ironically, this whole album was recorded in America, in LA and the like. So, in fact, the 'Eurocrap' you're referring to actually spawned from the USA. Here in Europe we actually have quite good taste in dance tracks. I still agree that it's not a great song, and that the new SugaDirection isn't brilliant, but I hate the fact they went to America to record this. American dance tracks all sound the same.


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