Pixie Lott - Turn It Up Post-review notes

It's been almost half a day since my first listen/review of Pixie's album and after listening to it again a couple of times, I have a few changes of opinion on the album as a whole. My reviews of the songs as songs stand as they are.
  • The even-ness of the quality of songs doesn't seem like a very good thing anymore. The album doesn't work like a story - there's practically no climax and they're all at the same level. As a whole Turn It Up doesn't take me through a story of some sort.
  • However, her vocals are still top-quality. The girl can sing damn well but I don't know - for some reason it's JUST the vocals that carry the album. If you give the songs to someone else some of them would sound dated or just not right. And I personally think that pop music is meant to be re-done - people generations after should be able to sing a good pop song during their time and not have it sound strange. But right now, I think Pixie gets the vintage and pop sides of her music.
  • Come to think of it, what Ken said in his review of the album is to a certain extent right (for me) - the album isn't as cohesive as it can be. Yeah sure, the individual songs are good as they are and some of them really link but after a few more listens it does sound a bit disjointed.
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  1. Nikki, you got me excited to listen to her album. LOL. One thing for sure, Her vocal is impressive. Love it so much when she perform live during the MTV World Stage. XD

  2. Hahah. Once again - THAT GIRL CAN DAMN SING.

  3. It's odd that i don't even wish i was excited about this album - you think it would be right up my street! However, there is something about Pixie that turns me right off :/ glad you enjoying it though and it seems to be getting lots of good reviews :)


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