Another side of the story

How I manage to blog amidst all this schoolwork still baffles even me.

I always passionately voice out my hatred for the always LATE and IGNORANT Philippine music industry but I thought it would be nice to present the side of our country's 'Premiere music channel' - Myx. I had a coincidental Twitter conversation with someone from the channel and needless to say, it was interesting at the very least.

I've been doing these Twitter-centered posts a lot recently - I don't know why.

The one I conversed with was nice and I get their side but that still doesn't change my stand. It's one I will always, always believe in and no offense but no one can completely change that because it's mine.

Myx: also in the myx daily top ten today: SJ has a new entry while JB is back!
Me: NEW ENTRY? A SUPER JUNIOR SONG THAT'S MONTHS OLD IS NOT NEW. UG RT @MYXphilippines also in the myx daily top ten today: SJ has a new entry..
Myx: it's new in the countdown, not our fault if the fans are voting for it just now
Me: And it's the record companies and fans who don't do their research who I blame. My dad's a record producer(eheads) , hahah.
Me (again): Pwede ba, I know my stuff - don't treat me like I know nothing. I'm not an ignorant, hit in the US-centric listener because I DO MY RESEARCH (Trans: Please)
Myx: sorry, must have caught you in a bad mood
Me: Yes, you have in fact have. Because of stupid record companies & because of school. I'm not a pleasant person when I'm mad.
Myx: but we never said anything about you not doing research though
Me: It's just a frustration I have in life, how a ton of people like someone but don't know a thing about them musically.
Myx: not arguing here, but some fans don't have the same resources. it's up to the enlighted ones like you to share what you know.
Me: Exactly why I have a music blog! But seriously, even the ones with resources don't know how. Like a lot of my schoolmates.
Myx: oh well, fans have different reasons for being "fans". good luck on your solo! hello to sir robin :)

They're nice, look what they said when I asked if I could publish this!

Me: Say, can I re-publish our 'conversation' on my blog sometime this week? I just got a blast of enlightenment.
Myx: it's your blog. you can write anything. will it be bad?
Me: OK. No - not at all! Just a sign of courtesy, some people don't like stuff re-published. But thanks anyway!
Myx: send us the link when it's already online

So there you go - a view from the other side of the equation. It was enlightening - seriously.


  1. That's another great start Nikki!

    People will finally REALIZE how late they are in Music (same EXACT problem here in my country...) once they read your blog. Or at least, enter music blogging world. LOL :D

    Wish you luck!



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