My 'kicking and screaming' opinion on all this DBSK crap.

This is mainly for my personal use, just so I don't lose what I've tweeted about during the height of it all. If you'd like to read all my kicking and screaming in one convenient post, be my guest! Hahah.

The evening #tvxqhwaiting was trending on Twitter:

SH*T. SH*T. SH*T. SH*T. RT @allkpop BREAKING NEWS: TVXQ not allowed to continue group activities!
This crap surrounding DBSK has to stop. LSM has to learn to respect music and get them compensated for their work.
And LSM has absolutely no right to destroy the boys like he did with Shinhwa if ever they leave. HOW DARE HE EVEN TRY.

I'm gonna write a long, long rant about this DBSK crap when I get home. Dammit.
I'm having a mental breakdown.

*cries* DBSK CANNOT BREAK UP. THEY CANNOT. Dammit. This is not from a fangirl POV - they're one of the most vocally strong bands EVER.

Dammit Soo Man, DO YOU NOW KNOW TALENT WHEN YOU SEE IT?!?! If you even have a small brain, you'd want to hold on to your cash cows

LSM still has power around the company - if he really thought they deserved something he would've lobbied for it.

RT @DBSKnights “Even if 1 year passes or 10 years pass by, we will not break up. If that does happen, kill us by throwing rocks at us.” -YH
RT @DBSKnights Our friendship is stronger than al else because we're breathing the sme air, speaking the sme thoughts & living 1 dream- JJ
You guys GOTTA see this! RT @omgkpop LOL EPIC LEE SO MAN PICTURE!
RT @DBSKnights Didn't I say before, we only believe in one thing, and that is the 5 of us will stay as DBSK till the end.-JJ #TVXQHWAITING
AMEN! RT @onetvxqforums SM, go find other pawns to be in your game. Otherwise, G. T. F. O! #TVXQHWAITING


You people at SM ent. are stupid, money-hungry bastards with absolutely NO RESPECT for music. LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE! #TVXQHWAITING
P*tang ina niyo, SM. Tignan natin kung anong mangyayari kung wala ang DBSK, TIGNAN LANG NATIN. #tvxqhwaiting
Things have to end, yes, BUT NOT OVER STUPID THINGS. #tvxqhwaiting

@purplelykthat Hahah. This is a time when no one can afford to be intellectual or calm anymore. #TVXQHWAITING
AMEN. RT @onetvxqforums #theworst creature that ever walked this earth is SM Entertainment :/ #TVXQHWAITING

Do these guys at sm ent. even know the slightest thing about music? #tvxqhwaiting
Ugh. This is stressing me out big time. Dammit.
This crap has to stop, it really does. #tvxqhwaiting

OH YEAH!!! Amen. Rt @dbsknights rt @mrckdexter SME, we gonna take you down. You can't run. You can't hide.

I think I'm gonna cry right now. #tvxqhwaiting

This is good. #smentgodiaf OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah.
#SMEntgoDIAF Dammit, you're stupid AND disrespectful! SM Entertainment should also rot in hell after dying in that fire.

Have a bowl of steaming hot ramen beside me right now. I need comfort food after all this crap #TVXQHWAITING

RT @onetvxqforums #TVXQHWAITING Keep the excuses coming, SM... Keep 'em coming. #SMEntgoDIAF
May I suggest that SME ALSO burn in hell for sins against music? #TVXQhwaiting
I love how this was phrased. Hahah. RT @joongiebabyy Let's beat that Google thingy! #tvxqhwaiting

That was good. Hahah. RT @dreamideoyo [NEWS] Giant rats found in SME Building!! No wait.. it's just SME CEOs...XD #TVXQHWAITING

SM Entertainment has to get some brains & actually use them. I don't care if it's capitalist or musical brains, JUST GET SOME. #TVXQHWAITING

AMEN! RT @sosarcastic DBSK made me realize that guys like taylor lautner and rob pattinson are friggin ugly lmao #TVXQHWAITING

Listening to 'Love In the Ice'. This song makes me tear up. Maybe I should listen to 'Proud'. Para humahagulgol na ako. Hahah. #TVXQHWAITING
Can I start crying now? #TVXQHWAITING

Listening to 'Proud'. I gotta get ready to burst out crying. #TVXQHWAITING
Oh dear, here it comes. I'm gonna cry now. DAMN YOU SM ENTERTAINMENT! #TVXQHWAITING

DBSK will end, that's the way things go, BUT they cannot end under circumstances like this. They're fueling SM Ent. this way. #tvxqhwaiting
Exactly my point. RT @purplelykthat TVXQ's time is not up yet. they've still got so much to accomplish & a legacy to leave. #TVXQHWAITING

I HAVE A PROJECT TO DO! But I don't care - DBSK deserve to be treated like musicians & RESPECTED. That's why I'm tweeting. #TVXQHWAITING

Said this to a friend just now. All SM's acts can live without them but they can't live without their acts. #TVXQHWAITING

AMEN. RT @purplelykthat TVXQ = noun; guys who are awesomely epic that can bring you to ur knees with their vocals. #TVXQHWAITING
That's what I'm talking about! RT @purplelykthat Jaejoong=noun; a gorgeous etheral being that looks like one of Gawd's angels. #TVXQHWAITING
RT @purplelykthat Jaejoong = noun; a rising god of the east that can sing his heart out like there is no tomorrow. #TVXQHWAITING

Dammit, we're going down the trending topics list. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! #TVXQHWAITING

AMEN. RT @mpritprita #tvxqhwaiting fight against the capitalism of SME!!!
This DBSK crap has to stop. It really does. #tvxqhwaiting

@purplelykthat I think it should be " Changmin - DBSK's lead scream-er." Hahah. #TVXQHWAITING
AMEN!!! RT @purplelykthat SME = adjective or noun (depending on how you look at it); boogey man, suck a**, lying cesspit. #TVXQHWAITING

Sounds like a plan! RT @onetvxqforums Unless we SEE Homin and their parents talking about it, we don't believe it! #tvxqhwaiting

Will wear something red tomorrow. What exactly, I don't know. Hahah. #TVXQHWAITING

I'm literally on the BRINK of having an emotional breakdown. #TVXQHWAITING

Coincidentally, the color I used on the new banner was red. Completely forgot that it was Cassie's color when I was making it! #tvxqhwaiting

This stupidity in the music industry makes me want to teach these executives a lesson and whip the industry into shape myself. #tvxqhwaiting
People need to understand that music MUST be respected-a PERSON made it. Disrespecting it and bastardizing it is intolerable. #tvxqhwaiting
The irony of it all. RT @onetvxqforums Chun only updated his cyworld yesterday and he seemed so happy! #tvxqhwaiting

Watching that live performance of 'Proud' where they were all emotional wrecks by the end of the song. #tvxqhwaiting

Yes, I'm thankful to SM that DBSK was formed but I wanna clobber the company for doing what they've done. #tvxqhwaiting

I hate this industry, I really do. It's disrespectful, it's nonsense, the people running it are stupid & it deceives people. #tvxqhwaiting
It has no sense of artistic credibility, it looks like money and it destroys lives. Artists get lured in only to suffer. #tvxqhwaiting
THIS IS WHY I SO BADLY WANT TO CHANGE IT. This DBSK crap makes me want to become an executive even more, to fix this mess. #tvxqhwaiting
Someone has to tech these stupid record label executives a lesson. I wanna be one of them. Gosh, I wanna cry now. #tvxqhwaiting

Since when did things become about the money? Does SM not see the MUSIC in MUSIC INDUSTRY?!?! Jaejoong's VOCALS = GOD. #tvxqhwaiting

ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. The music industry may be stupid but if there are enough of us, they can actually learn something. #tvxqhwaiting

Twitterrific gave up on me for the third time since all this DBSK crap started but I don't effin' care! Hahah. #tvxqhwaiting

Listening to 'Flower Girl', the first song I liked off 'Mirotic'. #tvxqhwaiting

Now they're still SM Puppets. RT @aanjali Let's see what SHINee will say in few years when it's be their turn to be enslaved #tvxqhwaiting

Everyone has to stop thinking about contracts and money and start thinking about the music again. #tvxqhwaiting
The DBSK rant ( is my 500th post. A meaningful 500th, to say the least. #tvxqhwaiting

I've been waiting for someone to say that since this whole thing started! RT @Rachiehearts_JJ SM = NAZI's OF KPOP
If there are enough of us we can all take down SM ent. together! Hahah. #tvxqhwaiting
ALWAYS, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. It's the one thing we can do to fight these stupid executives. #tvxqhwaiting

All this tweeting is tiring! Listening to 'Rising Sun'. Oh, those days. #tvxqhwaiting

AGREED! RT @Rachiehearts_JJ #tvxqhwaiting I think SME has forgotten that they work for US the fans & we say we wont stand for this anymore!

Jaejoong's voice is the best in SM Ent, without a shadow of a doubt. And I'm not just saying that 'coz he has super abs. Haha. #tvxqhwaiting

Praying that when I wake up tomorrow morning #TVXQhwaiting is still a trending topic.

The things we do for DBSK RT @joongiebabyy just realised I didn't eat anything today ... #tvxqhwaiting

Listening to 'One'. #tvxqhwaiting

The next morning after less than 3 hours of sleep:

Thank God Safari takes screenshots of history. Looking over what we were doing last night and damn, that was amazing. #tvxqhwaiting

Hindi na 'to "oh, I hate the industry, I wanna change it, la la la.", Ano na "HOW DARE YOU EVEN TRY DOING WHAT YOU DO. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT."
DBSK have to end, yes, but they deserve to end gracefully, not this way. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. #tvxqhwaiting
SM's flat-out STUPIDITY is something I can't just sit here and take. Dammit SM - ROT IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE. #tvxqhwaiting

Listening to 'One' again. I'm afraid I might burst out crying if I listen to 'Proud' right now. #tvxqhwaiting
Listening to 'Whatever they Say'. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! *cries* #tvxqhwaiting
I need a red bracelet. Why don't I have anything red when I actually need it???!! #tvxqhwaiting

The afternoon of the morning after:

Caught up on the DBSK news. Gosh this is confusing as hell.

I hardly got any sleep last night but as long as it's for some of the most talented guys in pop, I don't care one damn bit. #tvxqhwaiting

How dare SM even think of attempting to do what they did to DBSK. HOW DARE THEY. #tvxqhwaiting
SM, I know Yoo Young Jin knows how to write a good pop song and your artists know how to sing them but really, you executives are stupid.

I'm going to watch a DBSK concert and no one is gonna stop me. Hahah.

Next week's top 20 on Pop Reviews Now is gonna be special. Just wait. #TVXQhwaiting #alwayskeepthefaith
RT @onetvxqforums #alwayskeepthefaith We believe in ALL 5!, not three and not two but ALL 5!


  1. Oh i love it when it all kicks off around here (not for you because i know you are passionate about these things) - it's jolly entertaining, though clearly quite annoying for you :/



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