What's been going on???

I've been super, SUPER MIA these past few days because as most of you know, I'm also a writer for a kpop news site and I had a little crisis with my grades this week (don't ask.) which all lead to me not being able to do any blogging here. That 'elements of a perfect Christmas song' might not go on as at the moment, I have no time to post anything during school days. It's hard enough trying to write one article a day over where I'm writing news, what more if I add in PRN. Apologies and I assure you, by mid-December at the latest everything will be back to normal.

So what the crap has been happening since I last did some writing? A LOT. Ugh. Here's a quick sum-up of everything I think is worth writing about. It'll be super, SUPER opinionated because over at omgkpop I have to remove all opinions and just do facts - I have to let everything out! I seriously miss being able to write like this. Hahah.
  • Lady GaGa's Fame Monster was leaked and everyone freaked out. Well, almost everyone. I listened over to the album because everyone seemed to be adoring it thinking it would work like how Leona's Echo did but it didn't - I'm one of those few that thinks opposite the rest of the blogging world. (I believe I'm in this together with Paul!) I just don't find her music interesting. Yeah sure her clothes, her image and everything about her that doesn't have to do with music is a gigantic spectacle to the eyes but I don't care one bit about image - I don't like the songs, they just don't appeal to me.
  • A few days ago I tweeted about Glee covering Jennifer Paige's Crush (I cannot stand people who only think Crush is by David Archuleta. PLEASE.) and although I'm not falling over my feet for the version, it's good seeing the song covered because it's so damn good! No really, as a kid I constantly heard it and a few years ago when I was re-acquainting myself with 90's pop I came across her again - brilliant song.
  • Nick Jonas (credited as Nick Jonas and the Administration) has a new album slated for release and he's performing at the Grammy Nominations Concert. I should care because? Hahah.
  • JoJo. There are tracks leaking almost every day and I'm sick and tired of seeing them - JUST GET THE DAMN ALBUM OUT ALREADY! Hahah.
  • Is the Adam Lambert album any good? I mean, will I like it? Because I'm still debating on whether or not to spend time listening to it. Oh, and any new albums that you think are worth my time?
  • There's a new Agnes track called You Rain from a repackaged version (is it the US one?) of Dance Love Pop and dammit, it's gorgeous. No really, absolutely stunning. I may have to change Agnes' entry on my year-end countdown - dammit, another round of organizing and UGH. Hahah.
  • EDIT: I like the new Alicia Keys song. Hahah.
  • The world of kpop has been very interesting lately. Start it off by the state of my beloved DBSK and you already have an entire roller coaster to deal with. Three of them got sued for fraud and are openly defying their talent company who also forged their signatures. They also have a Japanese single out January next year. Interesting? My article on that is here. Fans are at their toes trying to figure out what'll happen next - we thought things were gonna be OK when they released a clip of their upcoming Japanese single but apparently, they're not. Dammit.
  • The big year-end awards show, The Mnet Asian Music Awards, although without SM artists (Super Junior, f(x), SNSD, 2 of DBSK) and Korea's Britney (Lee Hyori), are looking promising. No one knows for certain if this repackaging of the MKMF will work but yeah. Hahah.
  • Anything else I missed that you think I should know about? I've been so out of the loop lately - apologies.
This weekend I start writing and scheduling the posts for my year-end countdown and it starts on December 1 with the rules and format of this year's countdown. Haven't compiled the November songs yet but yeah.


  1. RE Lady Gaga: You tend to be attracted to smooth voices and sweeping melodies, so I can see how Gaga wouldn't appeal to you. But for the inner electro-disco-nerd/freak inside of me -- I'm pumped.

    RE Nick Jonas: I'm reserving judgement until I hear the music. But that "band" name is awful.


    RE Adam Lambert: I heard the first single and it sounds too Sam Sparro (who I really like). I'm undecided if I'll look into Lambert further. I don't feel like I agree with his "identity". People think he's such a trailblazer but nothing that he's doing sounds unique to me.

    RE Agnes: Haven't heard it yet!!! I'm counting down till that US release though!

  2. No Gaga love huh? Hmmm..
    I am so gonna check out the Agnes song. Thanks for the heads up! XD

  3. I'm with you to a certain extent on Gaga - I like some of her songs (Love Game, Bad Romance to name a couple) but the whole package I just find a bit blah. What bugs me is when people go "oh my god how can you not like her" as if it is a crime :P Hehe. I can see why she is massive though and fair play to her. She has done outstanding stuff.

    I want to like Adam Lambert, but haven't really had time to listen to the album yet :(

  4. PS on the last post my word verification was Popscorn which seems to be a great pop website name :)

  5. Mel - so no Adam Lambert for me. Hahah.

    rcLoy - I'm afraid not. The Agnes song is fantastic!

    Paul - YAY! Hahah. But I find her stuff a bit generic, maybe image-wise she's done great but music-wise she fails for me.


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