Westlife - Sound of a Broken Heart

I said recently that I've given up on Westlife and really, I'm not the big fan I used to be - What About Now was the last straw after waiting for years only to get a cover as a comeback single and I don't take back any of the words I said about it. However, there is at least one outstanding, mind-blowing song on Where We Are - a song that reminds me exactly why I was a die-hard Westlife fan for 2 long years of my life. ONE SONG.

This new album was supposed to be a new direction for Westlife - it's not, it's the same Westlife you heard on Back Home. The album as a whole isn't actually that bad, it was actually better than I expected it to be, but as I told Paul on Twitter, I expected crap.

The one song I hail the best out of this pot of new songs from Westlife (What About Now NOT included.) is Sound of a Broken Heart. It's epic in the Westlife way but it's epic in the "current" way as well. As I said a while ago, it's songs like this that made me a fan and it's songs like this that I want from Westlife. I don't expect them to lose who they are as a band, I just want them to have the guts to try and modify what they already have.

The piano part is just gorgeous but you guys know that I absolutely fall at my feet for a stunning string section. I got it on this song. I don't like 'cheap' string parts (believe me, there are a ton of them), I like string sections that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and make the song epic. I want them beautiful and haunting with conviction, not any other way.

But the reason why I decided to write about a Westlife song in the first place after I declared that part of my live over was the fact that this song made me sub-consciously smile. No explanations needed - if a song makes me smile it's all over.


For a review of the entire album, I hand you over to Paul.


  1. i'm sad that Mark is adamant in interviews that this isn't to be a single :( Oh well! It's a great song and i'll enjoy it anyway!!

  2. This is one of my favorites, alongside The Difference and now, a little bit Reach Out; wish there more songs like these on the whole, really.

    And, as said by previous comment, it's sad as Mark , as well as Nicky in another interview, mentioned Sound of A Broken Heart is the least likely to be the single. Anyway, at least it made your recent Top 20, hahah! :)


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