The state of DBSK from a musical standpoint.

I know I've posted a ton about this DBSK thing but this is my only place to rant to my heart's content and not get shot by a billion people for stating an opinion.I've said my piece numerous times and I've said it with facts and assumptions and opinions but I've never said it with the music as proof because there were no performances to judge. Well now there's one and what's the verdict? Watch the video first after the jump

OK. What you'll first notice are the weaker than usual vocals. Yeah sure high notes are nailed and the chorus is pretty much OK but you listen to the verses and bleh. Jaejoong's usually fantastic live vocals are horrid, Yunho sounds even worse than he already does live and Changmin sounds like he's either out of air or wants to hurry the hell up and get the thing done. That's what's on the surface. You listen well to their individual vocals (just the vocals, not their faces or anything) and the only one really trying to put emotion into the song is Yoochun but even he falters a bit.

These guys better thank their lucky stars that this performance only had a very short part where all 5 of them sang at the same time but God, what the crap was that? It's like they forgot how to sing together. It shows when a group is fighting and their vocals are the biggest giveaway. There's a difference between 5 voices singing at the same time and 5 voices singing together - today it was 5 voices singing at the same time.

Now their gestures. It's a ballad so no dancing but usually when they sing this they move around, they tap their feet and whatever else you can do while singing this. On that performance there was none. Just hold the mic to your mouth and sing it. Except maybe for Yoochun and Junsu when they belted a few high notes but that's it.

NOW, you look at their faces - expressionless and flat. Yunho looks like he wants to say "Ugh, can we get this over now please?" and Changmin's like "Do I HAVE to be here?". Jaejoong looks colder than usual, Yoochun's hair covers his eyes and Junsu's emotionless. When Yunho, Changmin and Junsu "harmonize" (can't hear any harmonies) Yunho and Changmin look like they absolutely hate what they're doing.

It is truly Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu vs. Yunho and Changmin. I don't care what you say, I'm a fan as well, but that's what I see and that's what I think.

I hate this. I hate the fact that their letting stupid business crap get in the way of music, I HATE IT. I now realize that my anger before is nothing like what it is now because back then I hadn't heard it spread over to their music but with this performance, I'm angrier than ever. No seriously, this isn't SM's fault anymore, IT'S THEIRS. I don't care what you say, it's personal now. I'm a fan, a huge one yes, but I know how to separate adoration from what I actually see - I'm not blinded by my fandom.

Whatever they do and however their faces look when they step on that stage is their responsibility, not SM's. They're letting something as stupid as this lawsuit affect something that should have NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS. How many times do I have to say that BUSINESS CANNOT TAKE OVER MUSIC?!??!?! I'm sick and tired of hearing these things and I'm sick and tired of witnessing this every single day. I thought they were different, I thought these guys knew what music is but now I realize that they don't. If they did they'd know that even just for the sake of the music they'd be on good terms with each other.



  1. I seriously agree with everything you said. How can they let something as stupid as a lawsuit tear them apart? And more importantly MAKE THEIR MUSIC SUFFER?? I am like you, a huge fan, and I too think that everyone can't keep ignoring this. You know, I really wish you could say this to them, cause maybe you would open their eyes.
    It's so sad and hard seeing a loved group be like this. I really just want to slap some sense into them. :(

  2. you cant expect them to sing greatly when their going through such a hard time. you kept nagging about how their emotions are bland and theres nothing there, but singing comes from the heart, if they did do a great performance EVEN when they were going through a rough time...that would only prove that they werent a team to begin with. A team rises together and falls together. their not robots that forget about their problems the moment they step on the stage. their human beings. Image what must be aching in their hearts as they sing together and they themselves realize that they are breaking apart. you keep saying your a fan and that you dont let fandom get in your way...but if you were a fan you would understand that. instead of critisizing, you would support them, and want the best for them. sure DBSK is a group that sings and dances, but we became fans because we not only fell in love with them in their talents but their personalities. Please, their going through a tough time, and they did this performance for their fans, give it a rest.

  3. OK look. What I'm trying to say is that it shows in their performance that there are problems and there have been for some time. I'm not saying that to put them down, I'm saying that they weren't good because of the problems.

    It's not the music I'm complaining about - that's just proof for my statement - it's the fact that they're letting business get in the way of their friendship that shows in the music.

    I won't give it a rest. I won't because it's not fair that they had to go through what they did and it's not fair that they're fighting over stupid money. I won't give it a rest until this is solved because frankly, I want them to go on with the music.

  4. And don't you dare say I'm not a fan. Fandom comes in different ways - this is my way of being a fan.

  5. What kind of fan says this: "Jaejoong's usually fantastic live vocals are horrid, Yunho sounds even worse than he already does live and Changmin sounds like he's either out of air or wants to hurry the hell up and get the thing done."
    but whatever. im not arguing if your a fan or not. all im saying is to stop bashing them okay.
    SUPPORT THEM...dont bring them down.

  6. maybe instead of looking at all the negative aspects you can lean more towards the aspect that even tho they are going through a tough time, they can manage to step on stage and perform for their fans.
    here. this video is a more recent performance. appreciate it. and stop picking on their vocal skills.

  7. What is the name of the vidoe? the vid isn't working...

  8. So is this the 091126 Stand By U performance? I've been digging around, and that's the lead I got...


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