I'm furious.

Need to rant. Of course I can't do that over at the kpop site because people are gonna clobber me.

FOR CRAP'S SAKE WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SM DOING?!?!? I wanna cry now - I cannot believe people can be this STUPID AND DISRESPECTFUL.

A few days ago it was announced that the 3 DBSK members involved in the lawsuit would be attending this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards that would be one of the biggest events of the year. The problem was that SM, their talent company, was boycotting those awards - none of their acts could go. But the 3 would be there, as an open defiance of SM.

Then just yesterday I think (was it yesterday or Friday? whatever.), someone from SM said that the MAMAs were part of the 'solo activities' of the three and that they would not be attending as DBSK nor performing. Their contracts with SM didn't extend to what they did outside of DBSK so them going to the MAMAs were OK, contractually.

So the 3 were there at the awards, they accepted something like Best Asian Artist and Jaejoong was almost crying when he mentioned the other 2 members - all was good and well last night. THEN when I woke up this morning and was reading over the news, SM said this:

"The trio had no right to receive the award on behalf of TVXQ. The awards organizer should give the award to a liason on behalf of SM Entertainment instead. This is unacceptable since they had only invited the 3 members."

EXCUSE ME. Those three are members of DBSK, no matter what you say about them attending as individuals and not a group, what do you expect them to do when their name gets called and they win an award, just sit there and clap? REALLY. SM doesn't control them, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO. They're a part of a band that makes music, if they win something THEY'RE the ones that deserve it, NOT WHATEVER STUPID TALENT COMPANY THAT CONTROLS THEM. It's their award, they should accept it if they're there and celebrate but NOOOOOOOOO, SM keeps on being stupid.

I don't care what SM says about them "making DBSK" or them being responsible for their success. Yeah sure maybe they promoted them like crazy, gave them vocal coaches and choreographers BUT WHO WERE THE ONES WITH THE ACTUAL TALENT? These people just NEVER have any respect for anything. Lee Soo Man is a frustrated pop star, you think he knows what it's like to be in the limelight as much as DBSK do? I highly doubt it.

The three were crying backstage (Jaejoong looked like he was about to burst out crying when he gave his speech) but what made me even more furious was the next thing I found out. The three were supposedly attending as part of their individual activities but apparently when they were crying backstage, THEY HAD NO STAFF. No one managed what they were doing, where they were going and they could only leave the venue once fans had cleared the way. SM, I know you hate their guts but don't you want them alive to torture them? You're not supposed to but what can I do if you're stupid. So anyway, what if fans clobber them and something happens to them, huh? WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Things WON'T be OK, I can't just keep on thinking that everything will go back to normal after some time because with what's happening right now (this MAMA thing is just a fraction of the entire issue), it won't. Sure they might go on with the music but the thing I hate the most about this industry is the fact that once the business side of things goes down the drain, so does the music. STUPID PEOPLE.

DBSK will split up, yes, EVERYONE DOES but I can't let them split up over some stupid lawsuit or business - THEY HAVE TO SPLIT UP WITH A LITTLE DIGNITY.


  1. Take it easy, girl. Hope everything gonna be alright soon.

  2. AMEN! Those SM management doesn't know how to do things the right way. Pile of shite.

  3. K-Pop is so full of drama, both Mnet and SM are trying to outdo each other for the worst.

    Luto ang MAMAs. I love 2NE1 but they shouldn't have dominated the awards like they did, but they did deserve to win best new female. As much as I hate SNSD, they did deserve to win Song of the Year. SuJu deserved to win Album of the Year. This is the very reason why SM is boycotting MNet's shady ways.

    On the other hand, SM needs to be more humane in treating their artists, dyoskoh!!! Garapalan na ang panghihiya. I was shocked when TVXQ accepted that nonsense awards, all of them were going to cry! If TVXQ was unhappy with their contracts as a 5-piece, paano pa kaya ang SUJU na 13 members? They're earning nothing and yet are working like slaves.

    Mas OK pa ata mag-artista at singer dito haha! Both Mnet and SM should be ashamed.

  4. rcLoy - I doubt things will be 100% back to normal no matter how hard anyone tries. Hahah.

    Ken - It has to be about the music, nothing else. Until they knock some sense into how they're running this damn industry, nothing will change.

    TJ - It's nice to see another Filipino kpop fan online with good grammar and punctuation.

    I had no idea what I was in for when I got addicted but I'm in and I'm in pretty deep so there's no escaping anymore!

    2NE1 are big, yes, but I do agree that they shouldn't have won the big awards. Neither did 2PM and G Dragon deserve theirs. SM may be a bunch of slave drivers and they may be as stupid as hell but they know how to make songs that become phenomenons and they do them pretty damn well. If music combined with popularity is what these awards are about (when they should be all about the music and nothing else), then yes, SM artists should've dominated.

    Hay naku, ang tagal tagal ko nang sinasabi 'yan - wala pang nagbabago. Hahah. JAEJOONG! Hula ko lang humahagulgol na 'yun backstage. HULA LANG. Hahah.

    That's what you think. Sa EMI and production budget na bininigay for a studio album is 200,000 - when my dad produced Sugarfree's 'Tala-Arawan' inaway niya yung mga execs for 300,000 eh ang standard rate to produce a good album is 400,000 - half a million. Mas mahirap dito sa 'Pinas - wala na nga tayong pera, tanga pa yung Myx tapos kung gusto mong sumikat either you sing crappy ballads/covers or be in a wannabe 'rock' ban kuno. Mga record company executives walang alam sa music, and trato sa record producers taga-bili ng pagkain, hinahayaan lang yung mga artists na mag-isa sa studio - kaya wala tayong pinupuntahan. It's better to be indie than major label, to tell you the truth. Tignan mo ang Peryodiko, 3 NU Rock Awards (including my dad for producer of the year! Hahah.), 6 nominations tapos indie sila. Hahah. The industry is not doing well.

  5. Ganon pala ang situation ng local recording industry. Well I thought it was on the rebound na. I still think it is, sales have improved substantially but execs and labels are still laundering the money. I'm just guessing the best selling OPM labels are Viva, Star and Universal. These labels have been stepping it up in terms of improving song quality resorting to foreign mixing and mastering, in which you could sonically hear the drastic improvements, hindi tunog lata kumbaga - you can hear these especially on Viva and Universal albums. They're even stepping it up on CD packaging, a little thing, but still a technique to lure buyers. Viva has been stepping it up by NOT releasing covers album for their top selling artists like Sarah G.

    I haven't bought an OPM CD from EMI, so I wouldn't know what they're actually up to, but I agree 200,000 PHP is incredibly cheap to produce an album!

    About sa K-Pop industry, I guess the political thickness between the media companies is just unbelievable, parang soap opera talaga. To SM, just do it for the music and treat your artists like diamonds, to MNet if you're going to have an awards show to honor your own artists, the joke is on you.

  6. I think I'm finally starting to understand the situation. This whole management team controlling all aspects of the artist is definitely NOT just a Kpop thing, if it makes you feel better. It's present everywhere. One a management team/label team/production outfit/etc. strikes gold once, they feel like they have found a template that no one else knows about and are capable of anything, so every artist afterward (and indeed the artist who made it happen) should feel grateful. To a degree, I agree -- so to play Devil's Advocate -- because without the management guidance and ability to network that artist into the right opportunities, you might not have even heard the artist, or heard the songs that you love so much.

    However, as a fan of the artist itself, I can see how frustrating it is -- not just to the fans but to the artist themselves. But there are so many hands in the pot of one artist's career. Very few artists are in complete control. Look at TLC -- they were on top of the world, selling 10 million albums of one record worldwide and yet never made a dime because of bad management deals and had to file for federal bankruptcy. The music industry has a lot of greedy people who only look out for themselves. This is why WE need to change it!

  7. @ your last sentence: What you said just made me want to become a record label executive even more. Hahah!

    Yeah, I've noticed that but I think in Korea it's just blown out of proportion. Talents don't usually sue their companies and everything's kept quiet if they ever do - DBSK were (I think) the first group to be so public about this. And pile on the hundreds of other offenses SM has committed - it's pretty bad. Hahah.


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