Top 20: Special.

This is a special top 20, mainly because just last week (can't believe it's only been a week - it's like so much time passed!) I was freaking out of DBSK and the possibility of them splitting is still high. I and everyone else who has ever liked a DBSK song hope that they don't dissolve into history like dust but something has to happen at the end of this and it's better to be ready to face the truth than be blind to what MIGHT happen. I'm not saying they're split but as of now it's 50-50 - either they split or they don't and either one can happen.

Even if I wasn't a gigantic fan I'd still be doing this because what's happening to the guys now is a reflection of what and where the pop music industry is now - it's run by stupid people who nothing about music and has to be saved before these stupid people do anything even more harmful than what we're already seeing.

EDIT the night before this got published: That was written before the announcement that SM would be revising their contracts. No one knows if they were telling the truth and if this is really a win for DBSK but either way - this special chart still stands with the same purpose! Hahah. AND this was certainly written way before the announcement that DBSK would be pursuing solo activities that one, had nothing to do with DBSK and two, nothing to do with SM. Oh dear.

ANYWAY. Here's the (special) top 20 for this week - time to reveal why exactly I think DBSK are brilliant.

20. The Way You Are

19. Whatever They Say

18. One

17. Rising Sun

16. You're My Melody

15. COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (Jaejoong and Yoochun)

14. Flower Lady

13. Crazy Love

12. 9095

11. Choosey Lover

10. Sky

9. O Jung Ban Hap

8. Purple Line

7. 忘れないで

6. Step By Step

5. Tonight

4. Mirotic

3. Love in the Ice

2. Proud

1. Survivor


  1. Blimey - if the blogger world had been around when Take That split I would have done exactly the same thing :) PS, still enjoying your side project at the other blog!

  2. Hahah. You're reading the posts? Aww. Hahah. Am stressed out like hell over them.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of DBSK for one post. LOL. Where's Doshite? Bolero? Hmm =/

  4. Hahah.

    OMG! I TOTALLY FORGOT! *curses* UGH. This should've been a top 25 - it's hard squishing all the best DBSK songs in 20 slots, I just end up forgetting some. NEXT TIME. Hahah.


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