One of the many reasons why I cannot stand stupid people.

(watch before you read, just so you know what I'll be talking about)
This is the new single from IU, one of the kpop artists I featured during the special months back.

WHAT THE EFFIN' CRAP DID HER STUPID TALENT AGENCY DO TO HER?!?! Boo was bad enough and You Know was a small step towards going somewhere far away from cutesy but really, this girl has a much, MUCH more outstanding and competent voice than this song is reflecting - see this:
I featured it back during the kpop special and I said that that was the reason why I liked this girl so much - she sounds her age. She doesn't sound like she's 40 and she wasn't made to sing crappy songs, she was treated like every other female solo singer but she had a voice her age - a voice that will grow with time and eventually become beautiful.

In come the stupid executives at her talent agency and ruin everything I ever liked about this girl. The first video is horrid, the song doesn't even deserve to be called music and this crap cannot be released - it's a disgrace.

Really, IU has a voice - she's PRETTY DAMN GOOD. But all these stupid people see in a girl with a voice that's actually her age is the cutesy side of it. She was doing well with Missing Child but apparently, it didn't sell. SNSD can get away with the cutesy thing because they're not exactly known for strong vocals but this girl deserves artistic dignity and A DAMN GOOD SONG. She cannot be stuck with stupid capitalist-made crap that 'sell'.

Relatively short - just had to let this out! And if you've been reading me on omgkpop (am writing as nikki_), how do I fare? Hahah.


  1. i think you are faring brilliantly on the other site :)

  2. Hahah. Thanks! Am not exactly having the best time there though.


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