What makes the perfect pop Christmas song????

It's almost December. December means Christmas in most parts of the world - time to cash in on the holiday. Or not.

Last year I just put a bunch of random Christmas songs together and called it my playlist for that year. This year I'm older with a lot more brains to think of what to do, I think. What has this mind of mine come up with?

The elements of a perfect pop Christmas song.

Every year pop acts make special Christmas EPs and/or albums just to cash in on the season but what's in all of them and why do they sound like Christmas even if they're a bunch of studio-produced tracks? It can't be just how it 'feels', there have to be at least a few elements that make it what it is. That's what I tried to find out and I think I did a pretty good job.

The vocal commentary special will be put on hold until January next year - I'm doing WAY too much to even think of sitting down for an entire afternoon and just watching videos, listening to tracks and writing ONE post. So that'll have to wait but I promise I'll finish it. Hahah. So over the next few days starting tomorrow, in short until December comes along and I have to start counting down the best songs of the year, I'll be enumerating what I think makes the perfect pop Christmas song. Hahah.


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