last LAST minute Christmas suggestions!

It's Christmas Eve, I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow! haha. This is probably for everyone, and if you loved the other two Christmas posts, then you'll love this one!
  • I completely forgot the Jesse McCartney Christmas songs from the deluxe edition of Right Where You Want Me! I love these Jesse-fied Holiday stuff that don't really sound like Christmas! One Way or Another for me sounds too much like a pop/love song and there's not enough Christmassy elements put in. I love the melody though and the lyrics are very, very Christmas! His version of Winter Wonderland is very, Jesse, I must say but what makes this song equal to One Way or Another is the fact that it really sounds and feels like Christmas!
  • There's actually a Spice Girls Christmas song called Christmas Wrapping, it's very Spice Girls, especially at the start but it doesn't feel a lot like Christmas. The melody's OK and the trumpets are cool though.
  • Teddy Geiger's version of All I Want For Christmas Is You is strange yet I kinda like it for some strange reason. Doesn't sound a lot like Christmas though.
  • Play's Play Around the Christmas Tree is nothing special for me, but it's got its highs and lows. Recommended if you like the Jump5 and PureNRG Christmas albums.
  • Elliot Yamin's got a Christmas album as well. I haven't heard it but judging by his voice, I think it's definitely something worth our time!
  • 3LW as a two-piece released Naughty or Nice, their Holiday album and I've heard one song from it and it sounds too R&B-ish and not Christmassy enough. Still, if you like R&B, give it a listen.
  • Speaking of R&B-fied Christmas songs, I kinda like Destiny's Child's The 8 Days of Christmas, it's well-done Christmas-fied R&B, better than 3LW I think.
  • I kinda like Hilary Duff's Santa Claus Lane as well, it's very Disney Christmas, mainly because she is Disney and the song and the rest of the album is Christmas. It's very pre-Aly & AJ as well, with a little more guitars and better vocals, it could easily be a song for the duo.
  • For some strange reason, I'm liking JLS' version of Last Christmas. It's nice, but I'm not really a big fan of the song. I love how they go from slow to mid-tempo with the song though. Louis really has to put in some kind of ballad-ish twist(see: Westlife's performance of Uptown Girl at the 2001/2000 BRIT Awards)
  • Varsity Fanclub have a Christmas thing as well called It's Christmas Again and I'M LOVING IT! Once again, it's a well done Christmassy R&B masterpiece. It's very R&B but those bells make it soooo Christmassy, sounds like something straight out of a Christmas movie!
That's it! Merry Christmas everyone! haha..


  1. OMG! "Right Where You Want Me" is an amaaazing album!!!!


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