# 54: Bayje - Find A Way

Earlier this year, a music blog posted this song and I actually thought she was JoJo(who I really, really adore.. her debut album was the fourth album I ever bought..)! Seriously, I was convinced it was JoJo until I saw the video, which clearly didn't have JoJo in it.

But this song is pure genius.

For someone as young as her(once again..), the vocals are amazingly strong and the melody is just brilliant. If I was to choose the song with the most groove and substance this year, this would be the one.

How the parts of the song just flow, how they move from one to the other like it's no big deal makes me believe in Bayje, not only as a singer but as an artist.

There are a few other songs that are streaming on her myspace, and by those songs, you can clearly hear that she knows what she's doing, she knows who she is and she's just being herself, not letting her music be controlled by mindless record company executives who just want to make albums for money.


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