# 48: Mya - Paradise

So Mya is one of those artists that I'd heard of prior to this year but never really took notice of. I'd seen her previous album, Liberation at record stores here but I never got curious about her.

Around September or October this year, I got curious when one of my favorite blogs posted her new Japan-only single(correct me if I'm wrong..) and I seriously adored it.

That song was Paradise.

I think I talked about it during one of my new music posts, but it's good enough for me to enter the list, so yay! I said that she doesn't have the best voice around, but she knows which songs bring out the better qualities of her voice.

And it just so happens that those songs have gorgeous melodies and cool instrumentations. Paradise, as the title suggests, has this jungle-y sound and the melody has a few jungle-y stuff as well. Coolness!


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