# 2: Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind

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They can't sing this song live, that's my only complaint.

The Loving Kind came very close to becoming my favorite song of the year, it was between this one and the one I chose. So it's technically my second favorite song of the year.

I find it ironic that I keep humming it but the girls can't seem to be able to sing it live. Still, I don't hum songs a lot(mainly because I always have my iPod stuck to my ears..) but if I do, that means the song has got something really special for me and it does.

This has got an amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning melody, something that's obviously very important for me. It's got an amazing melody but it's not just an idea of an amazing melody, the execution of it is just sheer brilliance.

So what's my favorite song of the year then? Find out tomorrow, I assure you, it's an amazing one.


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