The X Factor FINAL!

You guys don't know how figgin' excited I am for this year's final.


And here I was thinking that they'd stick to their pact of not performing for the next nine months before they go back into the studio. Oh well, at least we're assured that they're still in fact together.

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (I think I stopped breathing when it was confirmed.)

Enough of the freaking out.

Rumor has it that Westlife, who were supposed to sing with Alexandra, are singing with JLS(seriously Louis, do you really want to make it obvious that you're trying to turn JLS into the next Westlife?) Beyonce's singing with Alexandra and Boyzone(what's this, a boyband-fest with Louis heading it?) are singing with Eoghan(poor guy..).

As I DON'T live in the UK, I won't be doing a live coverage of the final. I'll be doing it a few hours later, once I've gotten access to the show(via my favorite torrent site!) in full and THEN I'll do a live blog where I'll make the entry as I see the performances.

But I'll most probably know the winner before I even watch the final. Tsk. Tsk.


  1. LOL. :) Breathe, love! :)

    I wish we had the "X Factor" instead of "American Idol". The latter has become such a cop out.

  2. haha... breathing... breathing..

    Yeah, I agree with you, Idol has always had that reputation of destroying amazing performers. Just look at what they did with Cook, they gave him all these one-dimensional, boring songs and they did the same with almost everyone except Carrie, mainly because the only things she can actually sing are ballads and slower songs..

    The X Factor on the other hand, has launched superstars. Just look at what happened to Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis, they're huge!(Although Leona's gotten a bit too popular for my taste..)

  3. I love love ALEXANDRA to win.
    she's got it all. and i don't want any comparison to Leona. I love her unreservedly. Oh, I can't wait for Saturday. :))

    JLS - Rihanna
    Alexandra - Westlife
    Eoghan - Boyzone

    so so happy.

  4. so it's back to the old line-up? haha..


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