# 33: Amy Pearson - Don't Miss You

My first impression of her was that she sounded a lot like Stacie Orrico but as I heard more of her material, ballads specifically, I've come to the conclusion that she's like a cross between Stacie Orrico and Christina Aguilera(when she does all those ballads)

Then just before I started writing this, I had a chat with my friend BeE from Pop Nation and she mentioned that she actually sounds a lot like Vanessa Hudgens when she hits the high notes towards the end of the song. Although she does sound like Vanessa, I have a very strong feeling she knows it, and it's not highlighted as much in the song.

Which is what makes this such an amazing song, apart from the melody of course.

The melody's really, really catchy and very sing along-able(I made another word! Yay!) and her vocals are just amazing on this track.

Now tell me again why she's not made it big in the US or even the UK? People need to hear this girl, she'll beat the socks off all the manufactured Disney robots.


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