New Music!

Haven't done this in quite a while, let's get this rolling!
  • I posted about this already, but let me repeat it. Beyonce's Rock would probably be my favorite song had I discovered it earlier and had it been included on the final album. Seriously, how can a brilliant song like this just be thrown at the wayside? It's much better than Halo, in my opinion.
  • Thanks to Anthony over at Luckystar for posting Six's This Is It! Seriously, I'd been looking for that album for ages and no one had it! I'll whip up a review sometime this week as a thank you to Anthony.
  • I was beginning to wonder where Lady Sovereign had gone but just as I was about to find out for myself, I found her new song, I Got You Dancing and I'm not a big fan of it. I remember when she had just broken the US markets and was all over TRL, I was a big fan of the show so I always saw her video. At first I loathed it but it eventually it grew on me, there's something about her that makes me curious, so I guess that's a good thing. Who knows, this might grow on me.
  • I'm loving Elin Lanto's Speak and Spell even more now. I mean, I loved it before but it's slowly becoming a brilliant song with and even better melody. Swedish really make the best pop music. I mean, where else can you get singers like Agnes Carlsson and Elin Lanto who make the most amazing pop? haha..
  • Mya's new album, Sugar and Spice is absolutely amazing. There are some songs that are a bit shaky, but some songs that just blow me away. Highlights for me are Paradise, One For You, Cry No More and All In Your Mind. 
  • Kylie and Coldplay did a duet for AIDS day sometime back. I lover Kylie and I love Coldplay but somehow the song just doesn't work for me.
  • There are two new Chris Brown songs circulating the music blogs, Save Me and Celebrity. They're good! Although I kind of like Celebrity better, it's got a better melody.
  • Speaking of Chris Brown, he's on the new Got Milk? ad, which is cool!
  • And lastly, I've correctly predicted yet ANOTHER post-album single! Alesha Dixon's second single from The Alesha Show is Breathe Slow! Remember me expressing my adoration for the song? Yeah. Gorgeous song, although I'm not a big fan of the video. Watch it though, it's worth at least trying.


  1. -Awww, I love the Lady SOV song! It's such a fun, silly little romp!

    -I downloaded Mya's new album as well, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. I've heard mixed reviews so...

    -There's another Chris Brown song too, called "Believer" (unless it's one of the two you mentioned with the wrong name?). If you want me to send it to you, just holler.

  2. I've heard 'Believer' already a few weeks back and I loved it! haha..


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