# 53: Brooke White - Let it Be

Ah yes, those were the times when Brooke White was still good. I loved her during the earlier stages of Idol, but then once Broadway week came, she started her decline, she seemed to be too nervous and she was picking all the wrong songs. The Brooke White who sang this amazing song had disappeared.

Brooke sang this during the first of two Beatles shows, and it just blew me away. The fact that she could command an audience that well with a voice like that was just amazing. In fact, she reminds me of an older Diana Vickers to tell you the truth.

This was arguably her best performance, but for sure it was the performance that actually made me think she could've won the whole thing if she had chosen the right songs later in the competition.

What I'm waiting for though is some new material from her. I heard somewhere that she's planning to re-release her pre-idol album but I want new stuff!


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