# 31: Drew Seeley - You'll Be In My Heart

The controversial Drew Seeley. Remember the HSM1 controversy? Of course you do.

This guy is everything Disney stands for vocally. You know, the nasal voices? That's him.

Seriously, this guy makes Ashley Tisdale sound good. But unlike Ashley, the songs he picks are actually outstanding.

Although I like the Usher version of this song better, you can't deny that the song fits his voice to a certain extent. Plus the fact that he's going for an R&B sound, this sounds really good for him.

A demo album of his leaked a few months ago, and it's actually good. Now when will Disney come to their senses and start taking time to work on the artists with potential and stop marketing all this trash?

They better start with Drew Seeley and Jordan Pruitt when they do, or else there'll be trouble.


  1. They do seem to skip over the artists that write their own material (with the exception being Jonas Brothers & Miley...scarily enough). That said, this guy has a penchant for writing pop hits. Love it or hate it, he wrote that basketball-esque "Getcha Head In the Game" track for the first HSM.

    He has a lot of potential but at the rate his promotion is going, I think he'd be better off at a label that's not Disney influenced.


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